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  1. @hoverguy Question when defining who has access to the garage, it runs in to an issue, can you tell me what I did wrong with this line? conditionToAccess = "playerSide isEqualTo west","playerSide isEqualTo civilian","playerSide isEqualTo resistance"; Also tried to enable whitelist for 3 factions : West, Civilian and resistiance. [ The reason for this is because of playing antistasi, sometimes you're a civ, sometimes you're west and sometimes your i guess resistance?) whitelistSides[] = {"west"};{"civilian"};{"resistance"}; I'm sure the fix is simple, however It's been a long time since I properly scripted within A3. Regards, Zapps.
  2. Managed to figure it out about an hour ago, now working on adding all the extra stuff to the stores. It's a nice system once you get used to it :). Just need to get some hands on experience with creating missions and this can be a lot of fun in combination with the money / store system and antistasi. Appreciate the fast response though 🙂, I do have another issue running in this forum in case you're well versed in the a3 scripting / modding world but I won't bring that up in this topic.
  3. Hi so yeah, ran in to a small issue. Been editing this mission, and whenever somebody joins, all the items that i've placed ( at least the ones that have moved a mm ) get respawned. So sometimes you have like 10/15 benches through out the base. Is there anyway to stop them from "Reproducing"? If you need any files or stuff, let me know and i'll upload to pastebin. Regards, ZappsZ.
  4. Tried installing this unfortunually my server runs a very strange cfg, some files don't match with the files within the rar. This resulted in getting some error messages : 6:29:27 Warning Message: File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.altis\HG\UI\Dialogs\HG_HUD.h, line 13: /RscTitles/HG_HUD/ControlsBackground.XPBack: Undefined base class 'HG_RscPicture' So I figured out where the RscTitles hangs out however I'm not sure how to add the #include "HG"\UI\Dialogs\HG_Hud.H to that specific file. Hope somebody on here can help me out. I can't imagine that this is the right way. RSCTitles is also hiding out in dialogs.hpp, i don't know if this can be relocated without too much hassle or not. Basic server cfg is the community antistasi edition. If more details / fileuploads are necessary for the fix i'll upload.
  5. Amazing work, took me a while to get it going but works flawlessly. Was wondering though, would it be possible for somebody to add vehicles to this script? I'm not great with scripts but i'd give it a shot if somebody could give me basic outlines. Would love to have everything in one place ( Money, gear and vehicles ). Keep it going 🙂