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    Game Crash Error Report

    Hi, While playing the Dev Game i got this error message and thought you guys would like to know about it. I was playing on the campaign game and was stowing the robotic arm manually, in the Idisis crater Mission reference number 5753, and this error report popped up. After clicking the retry button i had a second error code and the game crashed to desktop. if you need more information please let me know and ill see if i can get it to you! Assertion Failed https://19216801.red/ https://routerlogin.life/ https://192168101.win/ Program:... eam\stemapps\common\Take On Mars\TKOM_dev.exe file: C:\EnforceNG\Enforce SDK3.1\engine\src\BaseWorld\enf_entity.cpp Line 58 Reason: entiy out of world bounds. type 'Vehicle_Part', Name", Parent ",Object 'obj/vehicles/heatshildtechlarg/shd_tl_botom_6.xob' Coords 42439.750000 12906.839844 -3276804.500000 Script callstack: Class: 'MyGame' Fucnction: 'OnUpdateGameplay' Stack trace: Scripts/CCGame.c:935 [enf:_ShowError}: ???addr.0x10124e82 [enf:_ShowError}: ???addr.0x10124e82 (Press Retry to debug the application - JIT must be enabled) After Clicking the retry button i get the same message with the exception of the address numbers addr.0x1012529d