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  1. 1 hour ago, Vdauphin said:

    Just replace what I wrote with your array of class name

    Yes for sleepingbag it's work but for  "btc_type_tent = ["Land_TentA_F", "Land_TentDome_F"] + (_allClassSorted select {_x isKindOf "Land_TentSolar_01_base_F" && !(_x isKindOf "Land_TentSolar_01_folded_base_F")});" i need to change every class name or ? 

    But thanks for your answer ! 😄

  2. Hey ! 
    I have a question, do you have a guide to change the ennemy hideout composition ? 

    I want to change the sleeping bag, camo net and other to stuff to have a WW2 hideout composition 😕


    //Hideout classname
        btc_type_campfire = ["MetalBarrel_burning_F"] + (_allClassSorted select {_x isKindOf "Land_Campfire_F"});
        btc_type_Scrapyard = _allClassSorted select {
            _x isKindOf "Scrapyard_base_F" &&
            {(toLower _x find "scrap") isEqualTo -1}
        btc_type_bigbox = ["Box_FIA_Ammo_F", "Box_East_AmmoVeh_F", "CargoNet_01_box_F", "O_CargoNet_01_ammo_F"] + btc_type_Scrapyard;
        btc_type_seat = ["Land_WoodenLog_F", "Land_CampingChair_V2_F", "Land_CampingChair_V1_folded_F", "Land_CampingChair_V1_F"];
        btc_type_sleepingbag = _allClassSorted select {_x isKindOf "Land_Sleeping_bag_F"};
        btc_type_tent = ["Land_TentA_F", "Land_TentDome_F"] + (_allClassSorted select {_x isKindOf "Land_TentSolar_01_base_F" && !(_x isKindOf "Land_TentSolar_01_folded_base_F")});
        btc_type_camonet = ["Land_IRMaskingCover_02_F"] + (_allClassSorted select {_x isKindOf "Shelter_base_F"});
        btc_type_satelliteAntenna = _allClassSorted select {_x isKindOf "Land_SatelliteAntenna_01_F"};

    I saw this line, but i don't really understand the "isKindOf". 

  3. Heyyy ! 

    Thanks a lot for what you did for us! 


    I have a questions, do i need to change variable in the initserver.sqf ? 

    Because when i modify vehicle like in the wiki (http://vdauphin.github.io/HeartsAndMinds/Add-vehicle-or-boat-to-H&M-system) i have a issue with date and vehicle:


    Error in expression <t [3, btc_p_time];
    setDate _date;


    Error in expression <his}, {_this call btc_fnc_db_add_veh;}, _x] call CBA_fnc_waitUntilAndExecute;
    } >
    13:06:12   Error position: <_x] call CBA_fnc_waitUntilAndExecute;


    Also i can't spawn random quest with the officer and i can't interact anymore with the logistic point and the red box 😕