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    Suggestions for DayZ

    maybe adding in a full Knight's armor u can only find in castles, could be amazing in gearing up your character, make him noisy but also make him gain alot of HP and make him resistant to small arms fire and melee weapons such as those that knock you out. shovel etc. that would be amazing. but we need more equipment slots on our character like Arm/Knee slots for pads or armor like that.
  2. Currently the ingame health system is not very balanced. You can get shot and lose alot of health, but your blood only goes down when you are bleeding. after which your character always regenirates blood making bloodbags meaningless, even using a saline bag sometimes makes little sence because you just wait 5-10 minutes and u got all your blood back. So changes to the health system would be thus: Adding a "blood plague" to the game, icon indicator over your blood icon to show you have the blood plague. you would get the blood plague by geting hit by zombies, if they make you bleed you have a chance to get the blood plague. its effects: Stops your blood from regenirating. How to fix it: Get a blood transfusion from someone who does not have the blood plague. also, Change the icon ingame from the bacterial "you are sick" icon to something more specific please, and make it look and feel more fun and interactive, maybe color the icons differently, purple/green/red etc and give them each their own indicators to show you what sickness you have. Also, the current health system ingame Feels nice when you shoot someone, BUT currently there are alot of guns that can One shot you regardless of you having plate carriers or max tier helmets like the Mosin and the Winchester and possibly more. Adding more health to Specific items such as the plate carrier or the tactical or assault helmets , or any helmets so they can tank at least one hit before you die would be wonderful! Also, Please if u hit someone in the head who has a big massive helmet like the tactical or the assault helmet, it should become badly damaged and you should be "knocked unconcious" also you should never be able to be "one-tapped" So in summary: add in the blood plague to balance the blood regeniration rate, and fix the one tapping with guns while heavily geared. you should be able to tank shotgun shells, or mosin rounds with a high tier helmet or plate carrier. Also: please add some more optional wearable armour like you would see a Skater boy use , like having knee pads or elbow pads, to add to the overal Health pool of your character. the current Health pool in the game is Atrocious, if you could put stuff on your character that increase his health pool that would help alot. There are so many ways for you to die ingame, and thats good! but we need a way to balance that and make it more fun and interactive. Such as shooting someone in the head who has a high tier helmet would knock them out and thus you can bind them up. Anyway: Fundimentaly im asking for the blood plague, the rest is just feedback from a person who has played dayz for over 2000 hours. -Aruze