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  1. NoobNadaje

    Roaming AI A3XAI

    thank you @ZN Anhor ! I need to check this parameter when I will be in home levelChancesLand[] = {0.00,0.00,0.50,0.50}; as I good remember I have 0 everywhere so there is no chance to spawn anything 🙂 I don't know is this a good topic for next question but what are the best settings for AI from your practice?
  2. NoobNadaje

    Roaming AI A3XAI

    This is my first post so I would like to say hello to everybody 🙂 I have also a question about A3XAI script because since few days i try to make my first exile server. My problem is that vehicle patrols are not spawning at all. Is it connected with custom spawns because i didn't seen those lines from Rosso777 in my config file? I made everything like in instructionand I thought that is all to get it work. Regards!