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  1. folks in the past i saw VIGOR at Gamescom, and was very suprised from that kind of game. when its arrived on nintendo switch, i purcased it to play, but..... switch gamers are only shooting food for the xbox players. very sad.... so i awaits the playstations vigor..... i received headshots all the time, no changse to live no chanchse to survive,... hmmm go on playing.... BUT today, i was head shotted against a CLOSED DOOR, thats enough , its so sad, but that kind of playing is only BURNING TIME. live is to short for that. sorry for that, another goal for the head shooter is leaving. bye, and have a lot of head shots with all of your AIM BOTS that makes you all so powerfull.
  2. Centipede1968

    awaiting the game on PS4

    cause, ill hope the xbox gamers have a cross above the caracter, hope the 25.11.2020 is a good day for release the game for the PS4, so start to fight against all xbox players, and advocate all switch gamers in the future,....... to show the xbox gamers never to fight against slower consoles again,.....
  3. there are a lot of bees, houses in the forrest, every bees house has a " Y " to loot, but there is no loot to get. game error ? ( new in season 5 )
  4. and the season 5 is not better than before. The Hunt on Switch gamers goes on. It is not balanced between the platform, so its impossible to play the game againt xbox console members. its better to quit at this point, sorry, its a nice game, but i didnt want to spend my lifetime on the run to killed everytime by xbox killers. if i read on the news, that it would be chnaged at this time, i will have a look again, but not at this time.
  5. Centipede1968

    to hard to play with crossplay

    Hello, so now , like playing VIGOR on switch is very interesting. The first time i saw VIGOR at Gamescom, last Year in cologne. Very Interesting game i thought. But only on xBox , very sad. Now since it was released on Nintendo Switch ill get it, and start palying. But its very hard to survive. you are dead before you can say hello to somebody. the fun of the game changes to frustration. For me the only way is to go into a game without weapon, loot one house, and leave the map as soon as possible, caus you are dead before you can say hello. I think the xbox console system is more agil at this time, and the switch is to slow. If there is any kind of playing with out cross playing, it would be nice. But at this time, ... i want to play the game, but the death is with a lot of round´s if playing. is there anybody who think it too? Centipede1968
  6. Centipede1968

    to hard to play with crossplay

    I think, the biggest unfairness is, if you see the group are waiting for start, you can see, the the most people are without weapon, they only want to loot, and they start to hunt them. Cause they now, the most are from the switch, and have a lower chanchse the get alive in the game. may try to wait for PS4 comming out, maybe it would be better, then it is easyser to get alive ill hope. if not, the game is unusable to play in cross platform in that condition. Centipede1968