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    Put music in a radio with say3d

    I have it, I can play music but the problem is when I want to stop it... 😕 I try it: SPK_fnc_QuitarRadio = { deleteVehicle _heli};
  2. Sld. Alexx Alvarez

    Random Vehicle Spawn

    Thanks You!!
  3. I want to make a radio for base, that you will can turn on and turn off... I utilice this script: SPK_Radio = Radio_0; SPK_fnc_PonerRadio = { _heli = "cwa_HeliHEmpty" createVehicle getMarkerPos "h2spawn"; _heli say3D ["Music1", 60, 1]; }; SPK_fnc_QuitarRadio = { deleteVehicle _heli}; SPK_Radio addAction ["<t color='#00FF00'>Radio ON", {[]call SPK_fnc_PonerRadio;}]; SPK_Radio addAction ["<t color='##FF0000'>Radio OFF", {[] call SPK_fnc_QuitarRadio;}]; The radio turn on perferct, but when I turn off the radio, it don't work... 😕 Error: Variable not defined ---> I don't know how solution the problem HELP ME!!
  4. Sld. Alexx Alvarez

    Random Vehicle Spawn

    Which was the problem? I'm interesting of this script