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  1. I would like to make the map 'Al Rayak' work for Exile, but I have no idea how to make a mission file. My initial thought was to copy the contents of the Chernarus mission file and edit where necessary, but even if that works, how do I know which trees to add to the "chop these trees for wood" section? How do I add the water pumps to make it possible to fill up water bottles? I can handle stuff like Loot Position creation if buildings are not covered, but I could still use some help with the initial setup of the map working with Exile. I will worry about traders and all that stuff later. I just need to know how to spawn in, cut trees down, make water pumps available. Or am I missing something? 


    Even if someone can point a link to a tutorial, that would be great, I just can't seem to find one.

  2. Hi all! I am trying to setup a position array for a static DMS mission. Here is the current code for the mission; I am not sure what to comment out and how to arrange the _pos code for the dozens of coords I have.



        Sample mission
        Created by Defent and eraser1

        Called from DMS_selectMission

    private ["_num", "_group", "_pos", "_side", "_OK", "_difficulty", "_AICount", "_type", "_launcher", "_crate1", "_wreck", "_crate_loot_values1", "_missionAIUnits", "_missionObjs", "_msgStart", "_msgWIN", "_msgLOSE", "_missionName", "_markers", "_time", "_added", "_cleanup"];

    // For logging purposes
    _num = DMS_MissionCount;

    // Set mission side
    _side = "bandit";

    // This part is unnecessary, but exists just as an example to format the parameters for "DMS_fnc_MissionParams" if you want to explicitly define the calling parameters for DMS_fnc_FindSafePos.
    // It also allows anybody to modify the default calling parameters easily.
    if ((isNil "_this") || {_this isEqualTo [] || {!(_this isEqualType [])}}) then
        _this =

    // Check calling parameters for manually defined mission position.
    // This mission doesn't use "_extraParams" in any way currently.
    _OK = (_this call DMS_fnc_MissionParams) params

    if !(_OK) exitWith
        diag_log format ["DMS ERROR :: Called MISSION beertransport.sqf with invalid parameters: %1",_this];

    // Set general mission difficulty
    _difficulty = "easy";

    // Create AI
    _AICount = 3 + (round (random 2));

    _group =
        _pos,                    // Position of AI
        _AICount,                // Number of AI
        "random",                // "random","hardcore","difficult","moderate", or "easy"
        "random",                 // "random","assault","MG","sniper" or "unarmed" OR [_type,_launcher]
        _side                     // "bandit","hero", etc.
    ] call DMS_fnc_SpawnAIGroup;

    // Create Crates
    _crate1 = ["Box_NATO_Wps_F",_pos] call DMS_fnc_SpawnCrate;

    _wreck = createVehicle ["Land_Wreck_Van_F",[(_pos select 0) - 10, (_pos select 1),-0.2],[], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"];

    // Set crate loot values
    _crate_loot_values1 =
        8,        // Weapons
        [10,["Exile_Item_Beer"]],        // Items
        1         // Backpacks

    // Define mission-spawned AI Units
    _missionAIUnits =
        _group         // We only spawned the single group for this mission

    // Define mission-spawned objects and loot values
    _missionObjs =

    // Define Mission Start message
    //_msgStart = ['#FFFF00',"A transport truck carrying beer and guns is being robbed, stop the robbers and steal the loot!"];

    // Define Mission Win message
    //_msgWIN = ['#0080ff',"Convicts have successfully claimed all of the beer and guns. 'Murica."];

    // Define Mission Lose message
    //_msgLOSE = ['#FF0000',"The robbers have taken off with all the beer and all the guns! What a travesty!"];

    // Define mission name (for map marker and logging)
    //_missionName = "Beer N' Guns Truck";

    // Create Markers
    _markers =
    ] call DMS_fnc_CreateMarker;

    // Record time here (for logging purposes, otherwise you could just put "diag_tickTime" into the "DMS_AddMissionToMonitor" parameters directly)
    _time = diag_tickTime;

    // Parse and add mission info to missions monitor
    _added =
            (DMS_MissionTimeOut select 0) + random((DMS_MissionTimeOut select 1) - (DMS_MissionTimeOut select 0))
    ] call DMS_fnc_AddMissionToMonitor;

    // Check to see if it was added correctly, otherwise delete the stuff
    if !(_added) exitWith
        diag_log format ["DMS ERROR :: Attempt to set up mission %1 with invalid parameters for DMS_AddMissionToMonitor! Deleting mission objects and resetting DMS_MissionCount.",_missionName];

        // Delete AI units and the crate. I could do it in one line but I just made a little function that should work for every mission (provided you defined everything correctly)
        _cleanup = [];
            _cleanup pushBack _x;
        } forEach _missionAIUnits;

        _cleanup pushBack ((_missionObjs select 0)+(_missionObjs select 1));

            _cleanup pushBack (_x select 0);
        } foreach (_missionObjs select 2);

        _cleanup call DMS_fnc_CleanUp;

        // Delete the markers directly
        {deleteMarker _x;} forEach _markers;

        // Reset the mission count
        DMS_MissionCount = DMS_MissionCount - 1;

    // Notify players
    //[_missionName,_msgStart] call DMS_fnc_BroadcastMissionStatus;

    if (DMS_DEBUG) then
        (format ["MISSION: (%1) :: Mission #%2 started at %3 with %4 AI units and %5 difficulty at time %6",_missionName,_num,_pos,_AICount,_difficulty,_time]) call DMS_fnc_DebugLog;


    As always, any help is appreciated. 

  3. Hi All! I am just trying to hide the map markers for Spawns and Traders, etc. that are all over the map. I feel like this is a simple fix, but I can't quite seem to crack it without causing spawns in the ocean. Any help is appreciated.