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  1. Rosso777

    MGI Advanced Modules

    Hey Pierre, is there an EASY way to make your Call Taxi module work but only in a trigger area? It seems to show the AddAction all over the map.
  2. On Biki, the addAction reads like this: "Adds an entry to the action menu of an object (scroll wheel menu)." Is it possible to add a menu that's NOT activated by the scroll wheel? For example, I am thinking about giving the itemRadio object a few more options (Call a Taxi, Call for Extraction, etc.) but the menu only appears if a specific button is pressed; having a permanent scroll wheel menu once picking up a radio would be obnoxiously annoying. Is this doable?
  3. Rosso777

    Zeus Module/Access Error?

    Hi all! I have scoured these forums (and many others), and I don't know if I am just not using the proper search terms, or if there is no answer to this issue. Has the issue ever been solved where Zeus (on a dedicated server) is just suddenly no longer accessible by the admin? I am the only admin on my private dedi server, and sometimes, I login and Zeus works beautifully. And it's almost as if the next time I login (or the next time), it just won't give me access anymore... as if it doesn't exist at all. The following day I login and it's good again. Has anyone else been dealing with this as well? Has a fix been found? Any help is always appreciated. Thanks, everyone!
  4. Rosso777

    Randomized Damage / onHit

    If misunderstanding the sleep command is the only real error there (so far), than I am one happy camper! Thanks guys! I am going to test this tonight when I get home. Additional learning: So when building something like these spawns, you can essentially configure them how you want as long as you refer back to the _select correctly? Aside from simplicities like units or values, what other types of parameters can go in there? EDIT: Okay, I am now realizing that this has turned into a private lesson thread. And, as much as I am absolutely loving this process, I am sure you guys are exhausted with such tasks. I appreciate all the help, fellas. I will do my best to keep researching things on my own instead of sending constant feedback loops.
  5. Rosso777

    Randomized Damage / onHit

    I am going to translate to ensure I understand: By that code example, THIS (an AI, for example) is stopped for 3 seconds. A message then appears in systemChat that reads: "THIS waited 3 seconds" So the {sleep is placing a hold on the unit (identified by the _this). _this select 0 is referring back to the THIS in the initial bracket set. _this select 1 is referring back to the 3, which is a variable that WE chose to set. If we were to establish another parameter (wait... is that initial bracket [this, 3] the params? Am I actually understanding?) and add Joe to it, it might go something like this: [Mark, 13, Joe] spawn { sleep (_this select 1); sideChat format ["%3 is watching %1 do nothing for %2 seconds!", _this select 2, _this select 0, _this select 1];}; Goal: Sidechat: "Joe is watching Mark do nothing for 13 seconds!"
  6. Rosso777

    Randomized Damage / onHit

    Where do the select 0 and select 1 come in? Where is that information coming from/going to?
  7. Rosso777

    Randomized Damage / onHit

    @wogz187 Dude... this is awesome. It’s so spot on and unlike EVERY bit of ridiculous code-garbage that I was trying to piece together (because I know virtually nothing, I merely conceptualize). Skimming through this, I have so many questions about what specific things mean. Oh, and after giving up on the above code we were initially discussing, I began delving into functions and eventhandlers (per your recommendation) and quickly realized I was WAY out of my league. So... I began messing around with the randomizing pseudo-damage handler idea from earlier. Now, i know, I know... I don’t need all this sqf garbage and it overcomplicates things, but it seems to make more sense to me at this point in my learning. My thought is: learn the basic concept of HOW things work (cause and effect, links from IF to THEN), then clean it up with Functions. Then figure out how EventHandlers work into the process. Or vice verse if that’s the case. And quite frankly I’ve been afraid to admit all this because I didn’t want it to come across as me being ungrateful or stubborn— it’s just how my brain seems to process all this stuff at this point. Here is what I've been working on: So once I have these "connections" working to react accordingly with player damage received, then my next step is to ensure that the corresponding .SQF file works correctly. Once I am successful, the goal will be to rewrite one of the above sections (if-then) into a more clean version without using an SQF.
  8. Rosso777

    Randomized Damage / onHit

    Still chipping away at this slowly. Whatever I come up with, I will post; even if just for future-reader knowledge.
  9. Rosso777

    Randomized Damage / onHit

    Okay, I think I’m beginning to understand the system. So @wogz187, by your code logic example above, we’re turning player damage (received) OFF, then we’re essentially ‘choosing’ which hitParts we want to consider in the overall ‘rolling of the dice’. Is this right?
  10. Rosso777

    Randomized Damage / onHit

    So that means they might not all be active, but are options to be used?
  11. Rosso777

    Randomized Damage / onHit

    Thank you. Wow, so all of those items in the examples are hit boxes already configured within Arma?
  12. Rosso777

    Randomized Damage / onHit

    The way we are talking about spines and left/right feet; are these actual hit boxes on players? Is there a list somewhere that I can work off of for options?
  13. Rosso777

    Randomized Damage / onHit

    @wogz187 does any of this change if it’s on a dedicated server?
  14. Rosso777

    Randomized Damage / onHit

    @wogz187 wow. Okay my first question is: are you a teacher or instructor? I am, and your way of articulation and guidance is refreshing; especially in an arena such as this. my second question is: this should all be able to be done in one file, correct? I very much appreciate your time and effort here; I’m going to dig into this and I’ll update you as I go. Thank you!
  15. Rosso777

    Randomized Damage / onHit

    I just want to make sure that I understand what you're telling me. Are you saying that I can't use the PlayerOnHit file, but I need to be doing all this inside a "PlayerOnHitPart" file? (Filenames may not be exact but hopefully you see what I mean).