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  1. Hi, I am writing a small script to display player's times in a race environment. The script is as follows time_start = diag_tickTime; time_running = true; 0 = [] spawn { while {time_running} do { _playerCalling = name vehicle player; _time = [(diag_tickTime - time_start),"MM:SS.MS"] call BIS_fnc_secondsToString; hintSilent format ["%1's Time: %2", _playerCalling, _time] call BIS_fnc_MP; sleep 0.001; }; }; This script is activated by a trigger placed on the start line and is partially working. My problem is that in the case of 2 players (eg. A and B) when player A crosses the line the name displayed to player B is "Player B's Time : " and vice versa. My understanding is that "name vehicle player" simply detects the local player. Is there a way to detect what player activates the trigger and display it to all clients? So that when player A activates the trigger player B sees "Player A's Time : "