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    i hate the game :)

    I just dont like it, personally i wanted a minidayz but with less glitches more content and multiplier open world style. But what did they give us? A sad offline version of escape from Tarkov with zombies. They worked on the game for almost 6 years with a decent team and there isnt even the most requested feature multiplier the thing that was holding minidayz back so much. And theres the glitches i already softlocked myself in the tutorial twice and if you quit the game or if it crashes during a raid you lose all the gear. And theres also the worst thing you cloud have done the timers. you literally have to wait to do almost everything in this game. and that gets you to use gas but when it ends you just wait and then play the game every 30 minutes if they removed a 0 from all the timers it would be fine https://snaptube.cam/ 9apps. apparently you can also find gas but im about 20 hours in and i found nothing. I have nothing against you if you like the game at times its very rewarding and satisfying and i know the devs had good in mind while making this game and wanted to make what the community wanted. My theory is that bohemia forced the devs to go with this base management style since its hard to put microtransactions in an open world game and they just tried their best Ooooooooooor maybe im just overthinking this and im very dumb and the game is just fine.
  2. Hello everyone,, https://snaptube.cam/https://9apps.cam/ The desktop version is meh (then again haven't played it in a long time) tbh but I would play the shit out of minidayz on mobile for sure.