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  2. I notice there is some kind of effect in the game that is supposed to simulate eye adaptation to light, however often it is way overblown and looks quite wierd and unrealistic. I can without exagerating say that in some areas when I look one way it looks like day and then when I turn around the screen dims so much it looks like night. Is it possible to ease up on this effect somehow? I have tried everything in the video settings but nothing affects it it seemsSHAREit Appvn
  3. I have just one question. Have you guys at BI ever heard of "bug testing"? How about a community test server so that game-breaking problems can be discovered BEFORE they're released to the global player base? I don't think this is a particularly crazy suggestion. It's a popular way for games developers to avoid catastrophic disasters like the character swap bug everyone is experiencing today. I know it's more work, but it will save you guys work in the long run by catching these ridiculous bugs well in advance before they become an embarrassing front-page story. Please consider it.https://9apps.ooo/