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  1. assault-cpt

    Graphics patch

    @vigor team Are you working on a patch for switch? I can't see people at a distance. If I see them move it's like a block of dots that is running in e verry strange way. If they are on the ground I can't see them at all (in the distance) even when I know they are there. Ik like this game a lot and I think overall you did a nice job to get this game running on switch! But it would be nice to know if this is the best it will be on switch?
  2. assault-cpt

    Looking for new players

    Me to , also I need a friend on switch for beating a daily mission "play with a friend" I will ad you. My switch name is GamersNL
  3. assault-cpt


    I think the xbox players have a big advantage against switch players.... graphics! I play on switch and when you see some one in the distance it's like a block of dots that is moving. If they are lying on the ground in the dark I can't see them even when I know there is a player! Either they give the switch a graphic patch or they just give us the option to turn cross play off.