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  1. Atzlav Pawlaw

    Share that epic moment when...

    i simply just deinstalled the game after this and im not planning to come back. the guy is just headshotting me spraying bullets after my model is clearly behind cover.
  2. Atzlav Pawlaw

    Share that epic moment when...

    best hitboxes ive ever seen
  3. I had this bug some times now, when im aiming and start shooting in a firefight, the aiming locks for a few seconds and i cant get out of it. i died a few times to this.
  4. Atzlav Pawlaw

    cant see the dropzone since the last update

    the issue still didnt change in any way
  5. Hello! As the title says, i cant see the green dropzone anymore in my games. At the beginning of the match i can see it, but then it disappears. I have to guess or remember where it is, when a player changes the dropzone, im totally screwed.
  6. Atzlav Pawlaw

    Share that epic moment when...

    how about that epic moment when you lay a perfect ambush and the xbox player just turns around and oneshots you after you fired the first bullet.
  7. Atzlav Pawlaw

    disable crossplay

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, first of all, i enjoy the game alot on the switch. But there is one thing, that i would love to change in the future, with the oncoming release as a free to play game on this platform: please disable cross play or make an option for every switch player to disable it. The problem with crossplaying with xbox players is, that xbox players simply have better controls and therefore aiming in the game. Also, they have better graphics, which gives sniper f.e. a huge advantage over switch players ( and they can actually plug a mouse and a keyboard to their console, which takes this disadvantage on a whole new level). They have better contrasts and resolution so they can see other players much better and faster, than switch players. And as we all know, information and aiming are the key to success in this kind of game. Also their framerate is much better, the switch port runs on 30 fps downwards, while the console port runs on constant 60 fps) So playing with a "natural" disadvantage to other players is just not fair and i think, that this can make alot of new players on the switch quit the game pretty fast, because the day will come, where you just get killed the x´ed time in situations, where you simply stood no chance because of this and move on to another game. Also, many casual gamers will recognice the game as a switch only release (i did in the beginning, before i informed myself) and going into your first match and getting ranked with lvl 50 experienced players with better controles, better weapons and knowledge right from the beginning is no good idea in my eyes to give an enjoyable experience to many new players. I would prefer a longer queue time much more than playing against skilled, advantaged high level players. Please give these new players time to build their own meta, to learn the game in their own way alltogether in a fair gaming environment. Thanks and have a nice day!
  8. Atzlav Pawlaw

    not able to connect to cloudservice

    its working now! thx alot for the work!
  9. Atzlav Pawlaw

    not able to connect to cloudservice

    hello! thanks for the answer. my internet connection and nat type shouldnt be the problem, because other online games on the switch, such as arena of valor, ninjala or dark souls are running without problems online.
  10. Atzlav Pawlaw

    not able to connect to cloudservice

    is there even any support for this game? i mean im triing to play it for almost 2 days now, the issue didnt change and i basically threw my money and weekend on this game and theres still zero response, which makes me kind of angry.
  11. Hello, i bought the founders pack for the nintendo switch yesterday evening and started the game around 10 p.m. The game started but while logging in it told me that i cant register at the cloudservice and the servers are probably down. I tried to find informations about the server status of the game online but i wasnt able to find any information so i thought maybe the servers are down due to patching or w.e. tried to start the game this morning around 9.a.m. but it still shows me the message. i recogniced i dont have nintendo membership so i went to buy it. didnt change the problem. now i deleted the game and reinstalled it, but it still shows me the message. i even went into my cloud and did a backup safe, but that didnt change anything too. can someone tell me whats going on? i basically threw 40 euros on a game i cant even play right now.