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  1. Thanks a lot, will send rn, on a total different note, how do you deploy flares from mantas when a missile is coming? I can't remember it and I can't find an answer via google it seems. Plus, if you could add a "skip enemy carrier destroyed cutscene", that would be very good.
  2. Oh yeaaaah baby, it's working like a charm! I'm at 50% of the campaign already, this mod literally makes the game a finished product and the camo textures are a nice touch! sad you have to relaunch the game everytime tho, but the loading is instant nowdays so no biggie. The game crashes tho, mostly when playing with the supplies menu and especially when docked at the stockpile island. I think I've got loads of crashdumps at this point, how to share?
  3. how do I actually recognize if this is mod is working? getting the game to launch was a miracle as it seems steam has issues launching it and many ppl reported it with different solutions, I managed to do so but not through steam but by making a link to desktop and playing with compatibility options. edit 1: so, it starts from steam, I had to give admin permissions to the exe of the game itself, but if I try to use the command -mod deadlyislands the game doesn't start at all, neither through steam nor through the desktop link. HALP!!!! I really want this to work! edit 2: nevermind, I was trying to use combined mod pack with it and that's what was causing the issue, even with the proper tweaked db file given by the author of combined mod pack. edit 3: omg this is awesome! I remember uninstalling the game after finishing it because of the amount of annoying bugs it had with regret because it looked so beautiful, but you brought it to a whole other level! Thank you, now it looks like a finished product!! edit 4: ok, how to use the refuel/repair unit-to-unit?