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  1. 6/160 SOAR is currently doing open interviews for qualified pilots NA/EU and 1 EU Time zone JTAC slot. 160 SOAR 6 Battalion is an Arma 3 Aviation unit focusing on reproducing an Arma universe battalion of 160 SOAR. We set a standard for aviation services with requirements of knowledgeable and efficient pilots. Instead of being a unit that focuses on air and ground we only do aviation which allows us to focus on a quality program for rotary pilots that can service other Arma units requiring aviation operations. With two flights on the roster we are looking to set one flight with US time zone pilots and the other with European time zone pilots to allow for servicing of multiple units. Attendance requirements are one training and one operation serviced per week. If interested in interviewing with us to see if you are a good fit please join our discord and feel free to contact either CPT J. Wright or CW4 M. Tundra for more info. If you are interested in having 6/160 SOAR service your unit for aviation needs please join our discord and contact one of us to start the networking. NSDQ https://discord.gg/TRrXBB6Yxn
  2. Is there any way to make this script so it spawns patients that are unconcious and not dead automatically. also is there any way that this can be compatible with KAT Airway Management? I am trying to utilize this script on our training map so that we can teach medical to our community members.