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  1. The good news is I think I just found a workaround, it seems that splitting the ai apart and regrouping them uncaches the entire group.
  2. That's too bad, as the mission I'm making revolves around spawning units in with Zeus, and running a script on the init of every single group is rather un-intuitive for my purposes. Thanks for the help anyway, I still might be able to make use of it in a different type of mission.
  3. Awesome, should that go in the init of the mission file?
  4. I'm trying to make a limited zeus vs AI scenario, the only issue is everything zeus spawns in gets cached, rendering remote control of those units broken.
  5. Not sure if forum is dead or not bc no post in over a year, but i'm trying to make ZBE uncache an entire side. If anybody knows a script that will do this and where/how to implement it, your help will be greatly appreciated.