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  1. venom -ts-

    Need help for this fix

    i just switched profile and the error is gone, same loadouts, same mods, so I'm super confused.
  2. venom -ts-

    Need help for this fix

    Well I have been running Faces of War and holster mod. Well I don't have appdata so it's impossible to locate the .rpt files
  3. venom -ts-

    Need help for this fix

    Hi all, I am pretty new to Arma 3 editing, so bear with me. I have been recently encountering certain issues in SP missions. I would switch to my secondary, then back to my primary weapon, usually it works as per normal but now I have been having this weird error that pops up, whenever I switch from secondary to primary weapons I really have zero clue on how to fix this and would love for some help.