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    Vigor hip pouch Idea

    I was playing a match in forest and cleared out the entire lobby. Now im a decently low level and dont have the battle pass and need a lot of xp to get to level fifty so il have enough crowns for next season. So I went around collecting peoples loot ( everyone's body was near bared because signals and comms was close by) And realized by the second body I was already full on loot. I was thinking how much this sucked but then had an idea for these forms, a hip pouch. It is a consumable that takes up no space in your inventory but adds a little side inventory to the right of the main one. It only adds 10-20 slots more but it would still be useful. It would be either a purple or blue rarity consumable and would be like any other consumable. when you click on it from your stash, it goes into a little space the the right of your main inventory like said before. If you want to put stuff in there you press up on the d pad while in your main inventory and it will allow you to swap to the pouch and access the loot there. If you have meds or items like fake glints, they will still be able to be used from holding the left bumper like always, no mater what inventory their in. If you died with the pouch on, the person can loot your body and take the pouch and equip it themselves. If they already have a pouch themselves, they can take the persons loot from the pouch or destroy the loot in the pouch or the pouch all together. However, If they destroy they pouch they will destroy all items in it, so be careful. The person can also swap pouches with the dead body if the so choose to. If you have insurance, it will keep the pouch and anything in it like with your normal inventory. Thats everything I can think of and would love to know what you guys think.