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  1. Well i think i got it. I had to delete everything from the BI Supply Drop Mod on and start from scratch. I also notice it's not consistent. I might have to request supply drop numerous times sometimes in order to get the drop vehicle drop. But at least it's working......I think. thanks for the help.
  2. I left a comment on steam page. But I figured I'd try here too. I can't quite figure out how to make the "Drop vehicles instead of crates" mod to work. I'm under the understanding that all you do is drop a player, support requester, virtual supply drop module,and then Drop vehicles mod. Then just sync them all in that order. I thought at this point when calling for a supply drop it should bring a crate w/ arsenal, smoke, and flare since I checked those boxes. The Heli's just drop normal boxes. What confuses me to death is at one point I got it to work but I didn't write down my steps. I had the CH_47F_cargo delivering the HMG Prowler. But then again the other choppers only brought normal crates , no arsenal. Sorry to pester you, I'm new to messing around with Eden Editor. The descriptions sound pretty cool though haha just gotta get them working.Thanks ,man.