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  1. I just disocovered a strange issue with the Nimitz. When we use it in combination with the new ace medical, bullets that hit the leg, also hit the torso and kill infantry very fast instead of allowing it to take some damage https://pastebin.com/0dcucsFn with Nimitz https://pastebin.com/1z2hmWmM with gears function mod, it apparently has the same issue https://pastebin.com/eeGZnrF2 clean ace
  2. So I have just encountered the extremly weird issue, that after I changed my view distance, Arma suddenly droped from using 100% of the CPU down to 36-50%. Does anyone have an idea how to change that behaviour? I'm playing on 8700k @4.9GHz, 2070Ti, 16GB Ram and 4k resolution. It ran smoother with 4k before changing view distance. 1440p or 1080p would not even utilize 100% of the GPU too. The drop in GPU usage occured when I change the viewdistance. Reducing the view distance to what iwas before didn't bring it back. 0% was when I tabbed out of the game.
  3. Thank you @Lala14 @sfod-d_snakebite What I mean is that if you do not look through the middle of the HUD. On the pilot seat you can see more of the bracing of the left side of the physical part of the HUD. If the co-pilots HUD was alligned in the same way as the Pilots, you would see more of the bracing on the right side, respectively the runway being alligned more to the left side of the HUD then the right one. I think the right position would be to see the same amount of bracing on each side of the HUD. I use headtracking, but the C-17 doesn't support (and I don't care why it doesn't) moving the head on the horizontal or vertical axis inside the cockpit. Thanks again USAF team.
  4. Hi there! Thank you guys for the great work you are putting into your mods. In the past days I have flown the C-17 a couple of times and I recognized that the Pilots->HUD perspective is a litte off set from center-line. It is the same for pilot and co-pilot. I have attached a picture with the plane correctly alligned on the runway. I've now figured out what the issue was, but before I could hardly land it. Thanks again.