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  1. so this mod UGV is broken and wont drive, I'm trying to change the turn coef, at the same time as spawning one... myUgV = [getPos player, 0, "OPTRE_RCHog_VBIED", resistance] call BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle; createVehicleCrew (myUgV select 0); ["myugv setturnCoef = 5.0", "myugv setterrainCoef = 0.5", "myugv canfloat = 1", "myugv setwaterspeedcoef = 0.6", "myugv setwaterResistanceCoef = 0.030000"]; the veh spawns, but the changes arent happening, I can tell because it sinks! also, a "cursorobject teleport 1 meter up" script would be very helpful as the damn thing gets stuck to the terrain unless it is driving when it lands! (been trying to get that to work for hours) This thing is giving me hell so any help massively appreciated, cheers.
  2. _veh = "OPTRE_RCHog_VBIED" createVehicle(position player); player setUnitTrait ["UAVHacker", true]; These two lines let me take control of a remote control warthog, with a HE charge in it. Unfortunately, they wont move (engine and wheels turning), unless they are nudged from their starting pos with zeus. damn, this is also true when they are spawned in editor, and spawning them a meter above terrain didn't help either. spawning it "ready-hacked" to resistance makes no difference... myUgV = [getPos player, 0, "OPTRE_RCHog_VBIED", resistance] call BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle; createVehicleCrew (myUgV select 0); but at least I got them to move right? Shame they cant turn left or right at all, (turn coef set to 1?) they just go back and forth trying to.. I have tried to use init this, and cursorobject setturncoef = 20"]; but I must be getting the coding wrong on those lines... any ideas chaps? many thanks yes I have raised it with the mod makers,
  3. I've got this line of script on several waypoints- [_soldier1, _soldier7] allowGetIn false; _veh setUnloadInCombat [false, false]; and it works until they activate a hold waypoint, even thought that waypoint has the script line on it, the squad leader still orders everyone to get in and the heli lands to pick them up. I cant figure it out, the pilot isnt even in the squad, but the gunner is and the pilot responds to the getin orders by landing. The hold waypoint is linked to radio trigger, and the one after is a load, when I do want them to get in, synced to the pilots own load waypoint. But all further waypoints get screwed because the squad has already loaded. I read that "unassign vehicle" can prevent them boarding prematurely, but I have not figured out how to write this command properly, or where to put it. could someone write an unassignvehicle script for me? helicopters' variable name is "wendy". any help greatly appreciated
  4. ok, so I got the helicopter to escort properly, then I turn around and he's stopped moving at all. I look for him in spectator, and him, and his gunner are not showing in the entity list at all... they're like ghosts. I've tried deleting the unit and setting all it's waypoints again and he wont budge, i'm stumped.
  5. arthur2shedsjackson

    helicopter escort behaviour

    it's from OPTRE's HALO mod, pelican = helicopter. thanks, but I think that would make it too easy
  6. arthur2shedsjackson

    helicopter escort behaviour

    I did it by using the pilot only in a seperate group on careless, loiter was not helpfull in the end as the orbit it charted was too wide at minimum. on a side-note, is there a script that affects the targetting orders of the squad leader? if I could make it so player2 in the pelican gun position, recieved all the attack orders, it would make targeting the cloaked predators much less guesswork.
  7. arthur2shedsjackson

    helicopter escort behaviour

    nah mate, the gunners got to be in group to get the visual queues on the predators, but I'll try a loiter. Is the line I'm using valid? it's giving function but it's not persistent where I need it to be.
  8. hey guys, new to scripting. I'm using this in the init for all the waypoints I want the heli to escort the rest of the squad. "_veh setUnloadInCombat [false, false]; thisArray; [_soldier1, _soldier9] allowGetIn false;" but the gorram pilot still lands when the final hold waypoint comes up, wherever he is at the time. any ideas what I'm doing wrong? the mission runs with 6 spartans, 1 playable but not leader. they are in the main ruins on tanoa, they hold for radio, then the pelican overhead with gunner playable joins the squad and they (usually) make their way out of the jungle south without getting stuck, through the four PREDATORS. I cant get the pelican to hover gracefully over the squad providing fire support untill he gets radio to pickup and move on, most times it flies k's away, because of combat, even though I have set fleeing off, and lands to pick up the squad, despite receiving no order to do so.