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    Need more clues for trolls

    I want to start a topic for helping people with the clues for finding the trolls. They are to simple for some. So makes it hard to find the troll. please leave a spoiler warning if you give the exact location so that anyone who want just a clue can have that chance. okay so the first troll I found was the river troll. First clue: I like to look at the water run. Second clue: I hide where the fish keep money Third clue: Just north of the second of these wooden paths will you find me. Spoiler alert In the south west corner exit of the Borderlane Bridges there are two foot bridges going north from the second on the right hand bank where the curve of the river starts is where I found my troll I have had no sound from the trolls when near by them and no one is sure how random the trolls are so please if your experiance with this troll is different leave your comments so we can figure it out together.
  2. on 5/15/2020 at around 2:40 in the map fisk fiskberk I think. I was up on top of the mountain near the signal detector. I was laying prone and an individual was crawling up to it. I zeroed my scope right on his head. I pulled the trigger and blam. He should have died but he did not. Now in the scope the terrain was showing 1/4 in the scope but at the distance I was at there should have been zero drop in the bullet. So is this a bug or did the wire frame of the land get in the way of the shot?