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  1. saturn_mne


    Yes it is, but I can be few meters from already spawned zombie looting with chem light on and they do not see me. Same with humans. They can be oblivious to my presence sometimes at night which is not the case during the day. Sometimes I pass them near road in 4WD (while they sit in 4WD and I walk by) and we dont see each other. I play too much of this game 😄 . I suck at constructing sentences in English.
  2. saturn_mne


    I use chem light a lot. I got used to them. That and Mr. Sanchez headlight. For some reason, and thankfully so, no one can see me at night. Raiding towns at night gives awesome feeling. Tried playing with NVG other night for fun, nope, too bright.
  3. saturn_mne


    I tried all above. Tried in mission init execVM "blackout.sqf"; returned error, type script, expected nothing. I am currently playing with my friend some quest through Altis, but when I get time I`ll come again to play on your server. I found youtube video from ArmaPhronk and there is script when you destroy power tower lights go out. I made that to work and just give it great radius. Will try this one again later. I thank you a lot for helping me.
  4. saturn_mne


    I can make marker, but where do I put code in? I am new to all this scripting thingy. Thanks.
  5. saturn_mne


    Hey, Thank you I will try, I am in process trying other script for all lights out. I just checked, I played on your server today for a while.
  6. saturn_mne


    Thank you very much. I care mostly for light issues in towns, rest is more or less not so important. I recently discovered this mod and it is awesome.
  7. saturn_mne


    Hi, I will copy/paste here from multiplayer thread from where I tried to get answer. I have some problems when hosting game for my friend. I made Ravage mission on Altis map. By default setting is that whole map is in darkness. However, my friend sees normal Altis map with lights all on. I cannot find anywhere similar problem and solution for it. Some other issues we have is that for example when hunting he does not see rabbit in front of me, or snake or maybe sometimes when I come into truck he sees me floating. Sometimes we bounce off the zombie with truck like we hit rock or worse. I host game from my computer and we play like that. I have basic Ravage mods on, plus some visuals like RHS and uniforms. Any help is appreciated.