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  1. Thank you very much Sgt Smash 🙂 , yeah u count 4 but 1 of them are private and one is Exile Escape and one Braking Point 🙂
  2. Hello we want to show you the One and Only Exile Esseker server on Arma 3! Discord: https://discord.gg/tS52ZAV Website: http://arma3-exile-esseker.com Exile Esseker: Mods: -CBA -CUP Core -CUP Maps -CUP Units -CUP Vehicles -CUP Weapons -Enhanced Movement -Esseker -Extended Base Mod -Extended Survival Pack -KA Weapons -TRYK´s Uniforms -Ni Arms -RwG -Zombies Scripts: -Virtual Garage -Paychecks(wages) -fishing -drugs -mining -revive -Custom KillMessages -Missile Warning -Custom PilotHUD -vehicle Management System -Many Custom Missions (35 Diffrent) -Custom Events Ikea, Cash, Guns (Green, Red, Blue circle) -12 Custom Apps (Most Wanted/Base Marker/Player Market/ AirDrop/Deploy Quad and Mozzie and more...!) -Base Spawn -Custom Spawn Selection Menu -Different Trader Overlay -Vector Building -200 Different Base Paintings -No Base Codes Have to be entered to Unlock Base doors/Saves and more! -Car Mounting -Rearming point at the Airfield -CUSTOM Respect ranks -Claim Vehicles -Base grinding -Save Hacking -Virtual Garage Hacking -Different Skill Levels -Heli Patrols -Airdrops on the map -Gear Crates -Hide dead bodys AND MORE!