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  1. Minal

    Search in array

    The problem was that in my test I didn't have to put a 0 at the end but [] _infos = missionNameSpace getVariable ["array", 0]; //broken _infos = missionNameSpace getVariable ["array", []]; // The solution
  2. Minal

    Search in array

    thx for your reply @ZaellixA but i have find the solution thx
  3. Minal

    Search in array

    Hi @ZaellixA ! I have another problem with this big Array... I want to recup another array and check if a value is == 1 I put a litte code for example. _infos = missionNameSpace getVariable ["array", 0]; // I recup my array _test = _infos select 4; // I want that _test recup the value of the 4 value (the fourth value is equal to 1) if ( _test == 1) then { hint "blablabla"; }; but when I do that I have an error about the type of value. Can You help me please or somebody else pelase 🙂 Thx
  4. Minal

    Search in array

    YOur Option is working @ZaellixA thx !
  5. Minal

    Search in array

    Thx @ZaellixA I go test your option !
  6. Minal

    Search in array

    Thx @opusfmspol
  7. Minal

    Search in array

    _Array = [[Player1, coordonates1],[Player2, coordonates2]]; and I want to check with getpos player if the coordinates exist in the array and bring out the name of the owner. Thx @Harzach
  8. Hi everybody ! I come here to search some help ! Indeed I want to make a script with a big array who coutains all coordonate of home and the name of the owner. I know how do the array BUT I don't know how to make a script which gives the name of the owner of the house where my character is in arma 3. Basically I would like to search in my array let's call the _Home the owner of the house where is my character. If somebody can help me a little it could be nice ! Thanh kyou !!
  9. Minal

    Multi variables

    Hi thx all, in my init.sqf i have _Variable = 4584; et dans mon script.sqf I want to hint _Variable and i don't how I can do. Can you help me please ? @wogz187
  10. Good afternoon all! I am here today because I meet a problem ... Indeed I do not know how to retrieve in a script the content of a variable that was created in another script. In other words I have a script 1 which has a variable _chose and in script 2 I want to recover this variable _chose. Thank you for reading my few lines! and I hope you can help me ... Good bye !