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  1. The script in the init, is a script which is kind of necessary to run a MPmission while running the Star Wars: Opposition Mod (MAIN). It was a common problem for people using the mod to have their loading screen slashscreen remain there after loading the mission in multiplayer. But thank you all for your fantastic answers! I'll take the advice to heart and try to look around and test piece by piece! I'll probably continue asking here, if something occur or I need advice on something about this problem.
  2. Thank you for your answers! I'll have a look around the mods, the missions are really hard to start from scratch with, considering the details (at least the 6th mission). But I'll have a look around the mods and try to minimize the amount loaded into the mission. I'll link the files here: https://files.fm/u/xtx89awx I hope this is what was asked for, I really appreciate the help I'm getting here. 🙂 Correct me if I'm wrong, but is a repro mission the mission made from scatch again, and in this case with no mods installed? 🙂 Edit: To specify a few details about the mission (not sure if it's important info, but hopefully it could help): -The mission has a lot of hide and show modules, which is synced to a few triggers. -The mission also has the hide terrain objects module over the entire map (I wanted a desert with minimal foliage). -The mission also a the same explosive script in a trigger as the 4th mission which I mentioned earlier. -Also a trigger for a sandstorm script and a script for a nuke, which both are made by ALIAS, and they are both activated by a two separate triggers. -Mods list: -CBA_A3 -Remove Stamina -Enhanced movement -realistic units ragdoll -ace -Remove stamina - ACE 3 -Star Wars: Opposition Mod (MAIN) -G.O.S N'Djenahoud -PLP Containers Hope this helps! 🙂
  3. DISCLAIMER/ INTRO: Hello, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but I no longer know where to look for advice. I've looked all around the forums and googled around for a week now. I have made missions for my friends since arma 2, but I have no experience with scripting other than implementing simple scripts that is rather user-friendly. PROBLEM: So I have made 6 star wars co-op missions for my friends to play, while I zeus around. My first 4 missions runs in multiplayer with no problems, but my two last missions I am having some trouble with: While I'm making my mission in the editor, I use the singleplayer to test it, however when I tried running it in the multiplayer to make sure everything worked fine before showing it to my friends, it all seemed to freeze up completely when spawning into the mission. It got so bad I had to Ctrl+Alt+Delete to exit the game. The first 4 missions worked fine, with only the 4th mission using one simple script in the trigger. However in the 5th and 6th mission (the ones I'm having trouble with) I introduced some ALIAS scripts into the missions (not sure if that's directly the problem). I am wondering if there is something I can do to fix it or optimize it for use in the multiplayer? I really need it to work, but I don't know what to do anymore.