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  1. samscodeco

    [Release] SCCLoot

    If the RNG rolls 0.5, for example, all items with a spawn chance of 50% and over have the potential to spawn. The rarest out of the potential items will be chosen. If there are multiple items of the same rarity, one will be picked at random. Giving items 100% spawn chance will mean there are no empty loot spots. Loot doesn't get duplicated - when a player gets within range of a building, it will spawn loot, and that building won't spawn loot again until all players have moved away from it. It is! I'm always open to feature suggestions. You can grab the most up-to-date version from Github.
  2. samscodeco

    [Release] SCCLoot

    The floating loot spawns are fixed in SCCLoot - the trade-off being that some items will currently sink through the floor in a few specific buildings. Although, this should eventually be fixed once all of the buildings where this happens are identified. Adding support for Arma 3 DLC terrains and CUP are currently a priority - with a long-term goal being to add support for as many mods as possible.
  3. samscodeco

    [Release] SCCLoot

    Thanks! So far, Altis and Stratis are supported out-of-the-box, however over the next few days I'll be adding support for all structures from Arma 3 (Malden/Livonia/Tanoa) and CUP (Arma, Arma 2 + OA).
  4. SCCLoot SCCLoot adds simple, configurable loot spawning to any Arma 3 mission. Got feedback/suggestions, or using this script in your mission? Get in touch! Features Completely open-source and redistributable. Easily editable loot tables and parameters. Building blacklist to stop specific structures from spawning loot. 5 default categories for loot (Civilian/Industrial/Military/Medical/Supermarket) with the ability to add your own. Customisable per-building loot-spawning positions. Want to make street lamps spawn loot? You can! Spawn loot in pre-placed containers and boxes. Supported Arma 3 Terrains (incl. Tanoa and Livonia) CUP Terrains Installation Place the 'SCCLoot' folder inside the root mission directory. Add the following line to your mission's init.sqf: [] execVM "SCCLoot\lootInit.sqf"; Configuration SCCLoot is designed to be highly customisable and configurable - there are several config files that can be edited to alter it's behaviour. More information can be found inside the README.TXT file. License This script is released under the BSD 2-Clause License. You are free to modify and redistribute it, provided you keep the original copyright notice. For more information, see LICENSE.TXT in the script directory. Download • GitHub