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  1. soulessred

    Trader Spec Ops Item Problem

    Ah thank you! Problem solved!
  2. soulessred

    Trader Spec Ops Item Problem

    I just used the one listed in the cfg traders/ item list document in the traders folder. Is it the incorrect one? Ill post which one I was using:
  3. soulessred

    Trader Spec Ops Item Problem

    Hello, thanks again for the replies. This is what I have done so far, but it has not worked yet. I assume I am doing it wrong. The class name I found was RHSStaticMG.
  4. soulessred

    Trader Spec Ops Item Problem

    I do have R3F, and I there is no option to move them. Also they do show up as vehicles so I can delete them through mysql thanks for that!
  5. soulessred

    Trader Spec Ops Item Problem

    Hey! Just did that, all the items show up at the vehicle vendor and when I purchase it just appears nearby. The problem is though some of them can not be broken down, and are now just stuck at the vendor, but most of them work!
  6. soulessred

    Trader Spec Ops Item Problem

    Ah! So as a possible option move those items to be sold by the vehicle vendor by chance? If I am getting your last statement. Thanks again for the replies. Ill look into virtual arsenal as well
  7. soulessred

    Trader Spec Ops Item Problem

    Thanks for the reply! I tried buying them into vehicle storage and no change. Still purchased it but the item went nowhere. How would I add all those to backpacks? Looking through the trader RHSW directory I only saw them all listed out, no back pack variants. The only one with the backpack is the CSAT.
  8. Hello! I have run into an issue with the spec ops trader selling static weapons. I am using the RHS (among others) mods, with the trader mod folder. I enabled the trader to sell the staticweapons from the RHS AA and artillery area (like the mounted igla AAs and tripod mgs) and can buy them at the spec ops trader. However once I buy them, they are no where to be found. I am charged the pop tabs for the item, and I receive no error code on purchase. I don't know where they go or what happens. I checked all around the trader (specifically the western trader on ChenarusRedux). Does anybody have an idea it of what is happening? Does exile not support those at all? I think I was able to attach a photograph of how the items look at the trader. Thank you! Picture of issue
  9. soulessred

    Trader Price Problem

    I figured it out! I accidentally deleted this line: class CfgTrading { /* * This factor defines the difference between sales/purchase price of * items and vehicles. It is used if there is no sales price defined * in CfgExileArsenal. */ sellPriceFactor = 0.5; rekeyPriceFactor = 0.1; class requiredRespect { Level1 = 0; Level2 = 5000; Level3 = 10000; Level4 = 15000; Level5 = 20000; Level6 = 25000; }; }; That's why everything defaulted to 1. Sorry for wasting any time!
  10. soulessred

    Trader Price Problem

    Thank you for your reply! I went through that code and didn't see any issues. I did reupload the traders folder to the mission pbo. It was weird, I was following along with a youtube tutorial and did everything he did, but all my sale prices just crashed. Kinda frustrating because it makes doing missions pointless because you get no money. I've tried disabling, CUPS and RHS but that hasn't changed the pricing. Should I just do a server wipe and start from the beginning? With the mods included that is, just a fresh start on the server player wise.
  11. Hello! I recently installed the traders folder from https://github.com/redned70/Trader-Mod into my Malden mission file. The current traders from that list I have active CUPS, RHS, Exile, CUSTOM, APEX, ARMA3V,ARMA3W. Upon following the instructions provided and booting back up the server (mods are @ in the server file) I noticed that all the items were reselling for 1 pop tab. The traders are selling the applicable mod items now, but everything resells for 1 poptab regardless of the cost. Guns, clothes, building supplies, all vehicles- it all resells for 1 pop tab. I cannot figure out what went wrong. I copied the files over as provided and didn't do any changes that were not listed in the install instructions on the provided link. I am just curious if Malden is the issue itself, or if CUPS and RHS conflict. Any unused mods I did not delete their folders, I just did a // to not include them. Thank you for you time!