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  1. I understand this game is no longer officially supported, but it is still available on steam to serve a 'launching' ground to get people interested in the Arma series. I'm new to these type of games, but Argo seems very interesting, but it seems the community is pretty small so I'm hoping someone can give me a steer on the queries below so I can keep playing (and join the community) otherwise I might as well give up on the game. (1) When playing 'Patrol Mode' on a locally hosted server set up via the browser function, is it possible to change weapon load outs (eg to get a scope or smoke grenades)? I log in as a 'guest' when playing the game (as I read somewhere it is not possible to link to a Bohemia account), and as a result the 'equipment tab' is locked out so I can't change anything or select new weapons. Given the game is no longer officially supported, is there some sort of file I can download so all weapon loadouts are unlocked when I run a the game on locally hosted server? (If so, any instruction on where to find it, and where to install it would be great) (2) When playing Patrol Mode, how can you tell how many AI bots/enemies are left to kill/take out at any particular time - and/or even increase or decrease this number when locally hosting a game? (3) Is it possible to increase the number of spawn tickets?