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  1. We can close this thread. I have sollution for this thing. I spawned INDFOR between civilians, and I added -ratings on civ. I also attached trigger to "move", when OPFOR is in range, so INDFOR can start to kill civs. With GREN_EVO modules I also added toxic gas spreading. In this module there is also option for masks giving. So, I think I achieved what I want. Thanks anyway 🙂
  2. I wish it comes from smoke for example green colour. This would be "deadly zone". And in radius of maybe 400m , there would be gas in air, without any colour, maybe scent only.
  3. Hi there. Im looking for help about unique gas script, that probably can't be found in any script library. In lore of my operation, there is a gas. UK founded it in Arctic and in previous mission, Sweden SOF got inside, and got all intel. After few days, there is a war between UK and Sweden. UK used that gas. Gas is called "Ares" and its doing something like turning off in human any recognize of friendly, and in afterward they see hostiles in anyone. After few minutes of aggresion, human is going to die, because his heart gonna explode from extraordinary pulse. Of course I want to get this gas into civilians, because in my next operation, IDAP with Sweden Homeguard is about to make them safe, but they will not sure, who is not affected by gas, and who is not. In addition, I want to use masks from Gren_evo, and by that I want to make those who is wearing them immune to gas, becuase its only working by doing damage to respiratory system, and next to neurobiological. IDAP gonna have some kind of antibodies in syringes, that gonna for some time stop gas from spreading in body, so they could for example get him in handcuffs. And my question is, how can I make it possible ? And for sure, If im not really understandable, then ask me please. Im not god of english tho, but im trying to :)
  4. oddHawky

    Music for each group

    I think its working. If leader is kinda "trigger" for his own team I think its goin good. Thanks mate. I really appreciate. Without you, my soundtrack would not work, as I wished to.
  5. oddHawky

    Music for each group

    I will check this on server today. I hope it works, but it looks like its gonna work. Im gonna reply later, after check with your idea. Thanks ;D
  6. oddHawky

    Music for each group

    I want to every group have their own music. For example, one team is supposed to be typical Raid, so I would like to get in some atmospheric, by adding suitable music, while other team is supposed to get stealth, so that team need to get another type of background music.
  7. oddHawky

    Music for each group

    Im gonna check this out. My friend also gave me this one, Condition: p1 in thislist or p2 in thislist or p3 in thislist or p3 in thislist; Activation playmusic "Rockandroll" Will it work, if your idea would not ?
  8. oddHawky

    Music for each group

    As a not that good mision maker I kinda dont know what are you asking for. Im just gonna type, what I put in description. class CfgMusic { tracks[]={}; class Music1 { name = "Music1"; sound[] = {"\sound\HP.ogg", db+0, 1.0}; }; class Music2 { name = "Music2"; sound[] = {"\sound\DK.ogg", db+0, 1.0}; }; class Music3 { name = "Music3"; sound[] = {"\sound\IQ.ogg", db+0, 1.0}; }; class Music4 { name = "Music4"; sound[] = {"\sound\CK.ogg", db+0, 1.0}; }; }; And in trigger I put playmusic"track";
  9. Hello there. Im looking for help to provide good soundtrack for soldiers on my MP mission. I mean, on my mission there is a 3 groups. For each there is a different music provided by trigger, but as I tried, every trigger get music for everyone at server, not for just group that got in, so by that, it ruining my idea for soundtrack. Can it be changed ? Thanks for any help 🙂
  10. Thanks, Im gonna check this one asap and give a sign if this work.
  11. Hi Guys. I am doing already a mission in Eden, where players are basically some kind of agents. Part of my mission is dedicated to being played in RolePlay, I mean Zeus is taking control of some AI in some situations and for example get someone interogated. At some point I want to give them a warning to go away, and if they would shoot me, I want to AI shoot them back. I tried to script that by myself but I just stuck... I tried also by default, I mean Return Fire Only etc, but it didint work as well. I hope that I would get some help here. Thanks for any wasted time for me ;)