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  1. The HEG team is proud to announce our new Chernarus 2020 server. It will launch on 8th of May 2020. This server alongside the famous HEG - Namalsk Redux server will focus on survival, PVP en PVE. The Chernarus 2020 is a new map from the CUP team which includes: -Increased terrain heightmap resolution where appropriate. -Conversion to Arma 3 buildings when suitable replacements exist. -Adding new interiors to older buildings. -Adding new terrain features and locations. More map information: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1981964169 Our server has daily updates with new features & fixes to balance gameplay. If you are looking for the changelogs, they are located in our Discord. IP: Discord: https://discord.gg/6zGJhZy Teamspeak:http://ts.highestevolutiongaming.com/ Website: http://highestevolutiongaming.com/index.php NAMALSK REDUX IP: For questions please feel free to come into our discord! Mods: [HEG] Mod Exile Mod CUP Terrains - Maps 2.0 (chernarus 2020) CUP Terrains - Core 1.15.0 CUP Weapons 1.15.0 Ryan's Zombies & Demons RwG basebuilding Enhanced Movement Extended Survival Pack Walker's A2 Vehicles NATO SF & SPETSNAZ Vehicles NIArsenal Community Base Addons v3.15.1 ADK Texture Pack TRYKS clothing Features: No tanks, jets or thermals Zombies Roaming AI (Vehicle patrols) Day/Night Cycle, vote day disabled 10k starting poptabs All a2 buildings have been replaced by a3 counterparts from all DLC's -> Chernarus 2020 Black market trader (with activity marker on the map) Vehicle claiming with codelocks Custom repair and hotwire mechanics (no more ducttape magical repairs) Custom airfield designs Custom trader designs And other Custom places to visit! Custom trader stock limit: Low stock on most items, which only refill their stock when players sell the corresponding item(s) or when said trader gets a shipment. Custom loot tables Custom missions Custom Radiation zone (with activity marker on the map) Custom QoL fixes and features Safe zone anti theft + crate protection/selling Capture points Custom heli crashes (interactive and custom loot with different heli's) Armed patrol Vehicle towing Heli lifting Status bar Deploy quad (only as bambi and limited speed) Halo parachute Responsive ingame leaderboards (top 15 in different competitions) DLC content available Custom paint for cars and bases (possible to add your own textures trough the website) Rapelling Website player statistics with custom oneliners and leaderboards. Custom website control panel (ExileWeb) made by HEG with tons of features (territory information & payment, vehicle & safe codes, family information & editing etc) Base building -RwG custom base building parts and materials -Base payment possible from our website with a fee (poptabs) -Vector building -Base restoration possible (one time) -Base painting (possible to add your own textures trough the website) -20m height Limit (six walls high) -Chopped wood automatically goes into vehicle inventory Base raiding -Grinding and explosives (balanced by material type) -Safe hacking -Flag stealing Others information: -Active staff team and ticket system on Discord -Active development -Raid/Protection AND Notification Service for Discord