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  1. Cpt Doel

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    Thanks for the welcome! Ahh that makes sense. I'll relay it and give it a go. Admittedly I didn't even realize it was an option because there wasn't a police station or the like present, but now I know to muck around with it a bit more. Many thanks Sparker!
  2. Cpt Doel

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    First of all, big thanks to the Vindicta team for all of the awesome work they've done so far on this mission! It's a standout among custom missions for many reasons, not least among which is that fact that it's so functional! It's worked so smoothly and without issue that the group I play it with have remarked constantly on the fact that it works. If that's not a mark of excellence for an ARMA mission, I'm not sure what is! All joking aside, I did have a question about an aspect of Vindicta that I was hoping I could have answered. How exactly does the liberation mechanic for cities/towns work? I've searched around but cant seem to find anything clear on this. I ask because two friends and I have been doing a run-through of the mission on Malden (small map for small group) and after liberating an initial small town, we haven't been able to liberate any further ones nearby. This is despite having eliminated all hostile presence within the town, the immediate vicinity, and really the region at large We've taken over all military installations on the southern portion of the island and repulsed attacks And we've incited every civilian we could possibly find. In some cases, this has raised a town's stability to "In Revolt" but in others they will only become agitated. Civilians are occasionally planting IEDs and some are armed I personally hung around a town for over an hour last night with it in revolt, and even after repulsing two earlier small attacks still nothing has changed. Before getting too long winded I wanted to check if I was missing something here and try to get an understanding of the underlying mechanics for how this is supposed to work. We've gotten it to work once so I'm confused as to why we cant get it to happen again despite doing essentially the same thing as before. This isn't even a complaint so much as it is a curiosity, we're going to keep playing and enjoying the mission regardless, but hopefully we can get some insight as to what we're missing or doing wrong to correct our methods for the future.