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  1. Dialogue and Barter - RPG scripts for NPCs This dialogue system is an adapted version of Dwringer’s ASINC system. Dwringer did all the hard work, I just added/removed a few functions. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24870&highlight=DIALOGUE I don't have permission from Dwringer to release the dialogue system yet. Dialogue video Branching dialogue trees in the style of RPGs like Fallout NV. Up to 5 player responses. Conditional responses: for the player response to be available, a condition must be met. Ex. Player ismedic or is dressed as a journalist. Execute code or script on player response. Fast workflow. Write your dialogue in a CSV editor like google sheets/excel/Ron’s CSV Editor, then run my python script to reformat it. Example CSV file: Barter video Barter system: Includes different styles: barter, pawnshop, cash only (NPC won't buy your crap). Each type of NPC can have different priorities affecting how much they will pay and what they will buy. Ex: Refugee wants food, a journalist wants documents and information, a NATO soldier wants toilet paper and magazines. Each type of NPC will buy and sell only some kinds of items. Eg: A Refugee isn't going to buy your C4, not even for 1 euro. Can draw inventory from synced objects inventory and the NPC inventory. Easy to deploy script. Lock Containers: Also includes a Container Locking system to prevent players from just stealing from the NPC. Problems/bugs. Dialogue: Right now you need to preload all the dialogue files. Not hard but it would be better to just load every file in the folder automatically. Barter: Backpacks don’t show up in the inventory for some reason. Loading large inventories is pretty slow due to my poor item classifier. Prices are set by class ie. AssaultRifle, SniperRifle, ect. I would prefer a look up system that could read a prices list in csv or equivalent. Since I’m on COVID-19 lock down I may as well work on this. I will release this asap.
  2. @Grumpy Old Man Thanks! I don't know the rules in this community. I see that I need permission from Dwringer because I used their code but what if they don't reply after a few days? Can I release the scripts? Thanks