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  1. Also, do you have this problem with Ai too, when you tell them to hold fire (from Vanilla menu) sometimes some of them go to open fire mod automaticlly? And sometimes when you assign them to colours, some of them go white. Also sometimes Apc's drivers try to go somewhere that you didnt tell them? When you stop to for example scout, after 5 sec, they try to move for no reason... (All of these happen even when Ai is not in combat)
  2. Hey, I found a problem in beta version. When player with his Ai group mount a car or APC, when player uses the Wheel menu of C2 and command squad to Hold fire or what ever in tha section (the section that player can choose Comabt,aware etc mods, and fire mods like hold fire, fire at will etc) the squad start to disambark.
  3. Hello Can your Revivability cheat get used for example for all bluefor units?
  4. Hello Thank you for your great mods. I have found somthing odd with planes, some Jets can carry GPS guided Bomb like Mk82, but I found no gps guiding system on jets, or mybe I dont know how to use it... Also Hilos have problems with Advanced Sting loading mod. The ropes stuck in Hilos.
  5. Yes, I know, I use C2 (unfortunatly Steam version), all in one single player, advanced ai command and drongo command mod together. And each one has something useful But C2 Beta has the potansial to replace all of these mods, I saw in youtube that it has Convoy Option, SVD controll, tanks, hilo and Plane manual fire support etc etc etc.
  6. Is there any news from Beta? I saw some videos and it is realy good. one of the best mods for Single Player for sure, but unfortunetly it is out of reach for some times...