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    How to use ModuleCAS_F

    Back from the dead this post arises. Soooo im a newb to all scripting and mission creating but im making a warlords mission where i want the JTACs on each team serve as a CAS requester since there is no module for that (ModuleCAS_F that is), i was hoping someone could add it as an addAction for the JTAC on a cooldown or with limited uses or both, preferably the first. and to where they are looking, just as you see it when the CAS runs from heli and/or arty support provider modules.
  2. Since im VERY new to mission creating, i came looking for items to use and i know i've seen this used before so here i am in year 2020. So im making a Multiplayer Warlords mission and i was wondering if we can get it to where a JTAC on Blufor and a JTAC on Opfor could use this script while also using their types of aircraft? I'm also not a script god but going over the scripts i notices its for WEST (blufor) and that the plane it uses by default is the AAF buzzard. Probably asking for to much but hey, worth an attempt.