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  1. I get this slight stutter/camera shake in first or 3rd person vie. I looked into it and apparently people used to have it but disabling "camera shake" in difficulty settings resolved it for some. This makes no difference for me, despite not having it shake with explosions etc. Disabled head bob etc...I've tried messing around with all the in game settings, can't figure it out. Changing GPU buffering, mouse settings etc.. This is with or without mods too. Anybody have a solution? I'd be very appreciative. It's most notable in the campaign missions. I tried Dynamic civil war scenario and it's not quite as bad...not certain about others though. In game it's a bit more severe than it seems on these videos too... (looks like taking out binocs stops the stuttering, second video. Tried taking all inventory off and still happens) https://streamable.com/8yfv9k https://streamable.com/npvr0w
  2. Hopefully the ability to easily access inventories as well, so as to give members items.
  3. If you want auto medic, try using this with the all in one single player mod, they work quite well together, and both have different features that compliment each other.
  4. I have tried that, multiple times. On another note, I noticed that going in and out of combat stance can prohibit units from flanking and advancing, and makes regroup work somewhat oddly (they don't regroup nearly as well). Using just vanilla I don't have this issue. I have to tell them to take stance aware in order for them to start following such orders well again...which is unfortunate, given that they are most useful when in combat. I just thought they were supposed to move with weapons raised and more slowly in combat stance... EDIT: Just today I saw it happen. One of my squad members started dragging me and it was amazing...then it bugged out as we were both shot. I ended up in a standing position unable to move (frozen) and unable to die....
  5. How long have you played with this before noticing that though?
  6. So do you mostly play MP then? I predominantly play SP and haven't taken to creating missions yet. If I don't create missions, ALIVE isn't really worth it though, is it? Insurgency campaigns? What TPW mods do you turn off then? Also, do you turn them off because ACE changes those things anyways? You don't use any AI mods do you? What about enhanced movement and incon effects? I suppose, what mods do you use as a whole? Finally, with AiO do you notice that the AI will drag/carry wounded units? (I think ACE does that as well, so they may overlap there) Have you had to disable anything else in order to get all your mods to work together? (Feel free to PM after this, I'm very curious about how you play with these etc...)
  7. Awesome, thanks mate. I heard of someone using C2 with this and TPW and ACE well. So I may give that a try later. For now I'm just running CBA3, TPW, Incon effects, enhanced movement, enhanced movement rework, AiO and I've never seen the dragging/carrying. Could it possible be Incon effects? I know it changes the ragdolls...Can't see how it'd be enhanced movement/rework. May try disabling TPW and incon and seeing how it goes. May as well try disabling all but CBA3 and see just to make sure. EDIT: Tried disabling all other mods expect the CBA3 base and still in any environment don't see anyone dragging/carrying.
  8. Awesome, I was really considering using ACE for SP. I'm surprised that Ace and TPW (in particular) don't have issues together. Lot's of questions i have for you.... How about the main campaign, I can't imagine all those play well with that...? Also, how do you deal with possible c2 and AiO incompatibilities? Do you never give orders from both menus, or do you just wait until one is entirely carried out? (You can't use both at same time I thought, order wise) What things do you like about ACE? And are you using the ACE medic system? How does that do with TPW and AiO? What do you think of Alive? I thought that was just for creating scenarios.... Oh, another question. Using AiO do you see people carrying and dragging wounded teamates? I'm just using TPW, AiO, incon effects, enhanced movement and enhanced movement rework and I've NEVER seen them do it. The creater of AiO tells me they should do it automatically... Do you use incon effects?
  9. I do see when I'm injured that the medic icon comes up, it's just that sometimes they won't come to me, they'll just dally around doing other things. I'll look into disabling some TPW settings to see if that makes a difference. In most firefights with quite a few men, do you usually see the dragging/carrying taking place?
  10. I responded in response to 2. Would using TPW mods interfere with this? (possibly bleedout??) I wouldn't think so... Yeah, the rearm is pretty easy in that regard. I'm still sometimes having difficulty with my own medics coming to heal me, and other men. Is there a way to manually call them to heal me when injured and/or tell them to heal any other possibly injured men(or specify)? I'd appreciate that addition, so far as inventory goes. Also, any plans on adding in the ability to tell AI to throw grenades at location/launchers?
  11. edit: Changed the number options and it's working great now, awesome. Thanks mate. Regarding medics and dragging, I'm not using ACE. I still have never seen them drag anyone, much less so if they're dead....Does this apply to all AI, or just AI in my squad? (same for healing?) Is there any easy way to move things between player inventory and AI inventory? (To have access to both, like when you yourself click inventory action button on a dead body for example) Also, does the complete rearming you talked about on page one take place automatically, because I have some issue with trying to get them to rearm manually and it's quite cumbersome.... I can get them to "open up pack" via Y menu, but it just shows me their load out. I have no way of quickly putting things I have for them in their settup. Again, many many thanks Leopard for all this amazing work and especially for answering all my questions (even if some of them are rather ignorant, so another thanks for being patient).
  12. I would definitely like to try the beta... Also, any chance at the auto medic being implemented?
  13. What about the ability to return base menus to vanilla? Is that currently bugged (explained what I tried in previous post) This way I could use a voice command with your mod. And they compliment eachother very well. More complex commands (and additional commands) I'd use the all in one Also, "I've yet to see anyone carrying or dragging anyone even when they;re wounded. What triggers this, as you'd mentioned it should happen automatically."
  14. In c2 there's an ability to "reset" ? units that often helped me to resolve such issues. Is there an ability to order a team member to throw grenades (at specific point), and/or launch them as well? Also, I'm trying to use the all in on command menu (Y) with articulate (a voice command) and it's fine, I just can't revert the main menus to vanilla menus. There's the option in the configure addons page for All in one, but enabling that so as to revert to the original vanilla root menus doesn't work). If I could revert those menus to vanilla it'd work fine. Any idea why that option is not working? (I've tried starting a new mission and still doesn't work, plus overwriting etc..) Final question (this round), I've yet to see anyone carrying or dragging anyone even when they;re wounded. What triggers this, as you'd mentioned it should happen automatically.
  15. I am using the steam workshop version. Yeah, they bug out like this fairly frequently.... I really like the features of your mod mate, it's just the ease of UI (especially given the fact that you're in combat etc...) is only slightly easier than vanilla. Is there any chance whatsoever that you and mad_cheese (C2 mod) could get together and basically use the UI he developed with everything you've done. It'd make for the perfect SP experience and facilitate live orders so very much more.
  16. I played Arma II, but just gave up on it a while ago because it was so finicky. I've had arma 3 for a while, but have postponed playing it for the same reasons. Yeah the AI is terrible... I keep having simple issues though, using the vanilla move commands with All in one enabled. Sometimes they won't even follow a simple move order, or regroup. Is there some cause to this? (There's no such options under the all in one menu)Or even "Gen In" orders...Sometimes to the point that they'll just be moving their legs backwards slowly but not even moving at all....(I've tried the unstick command as well) Going to try without mod to see if issue(s) persist. As I cannot recall having these prior.
  17. Ah, how do I access the high command then (on the map, to command various squads etc..? (Sorry for the stupid question) Also, I fiddled with the AI_medic option and the AI is healing me now. Not certain about AI to AI though, I'll have to report on that later. (I am not using ace) That other fellow may want to toggle the ace option in the CBA options menu. Magnificent mod Leopard. I look so very forward to your AI and other works with this. Imagine it'll work well with SP scenarios and campaign as well? Going to try this on the campaign now... EDIT: Yet another question, is there anyway to get AI drivers to follow you? (I'm in a vehicle and would like them to follow me, regroup etc...nothing has worked) I can only give them a move here order, but then the go at their own pace.
  18. By high command not working I mean that when I press left cntrl and space it doesn't take me to high command. (Isn't that suppose to take me to the high command map?) When I choose high command via the all in one menu it stays as a menu, it has nothing to do with a map.. Well in that case, I greatly look forward to your AI being playable. I like the addition of many things in this mod, but yeah the AI is still quite silly...The option to garrison a building is neat, but when they all choose very stupid positions and face in stupid directions in sort of ruins it.
  19. I'll give all of this a try today. Have you tried any other AI mods though? There are quite a few.... Any that would work well with your mod as well?
  20. No, no other medical mods. Just TPW, enhanced movement, enhanced movement rework, CBA and this. Will maybe be using C2 soon as well, see how these play together. I noticed that in a few buildings I couldn't get my squad members to position themselves at the points I told them to. To the point that they wouldn't even enter the building. (mostly upstairs by windows). Only happened once I started using this. The only problem I've come across though. "6. To disable the custom vanilla menus, simply unbind their keys in CBA Controls Panel (OPTIONS > Controls > ADDON OPTIONS > All-in-one Custom Menus).  If you need to use vanilla menus but don't want to disable custom ones in settings, you can press numbers with Ctrl/Alt keys (Like Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2 etc). You can use both by doing so. Credits: @Clear Sky " Are you referring to this? So I have to unbind some key for the zeus menu? I don't understand...forgive my ignorance "7. You can open the High Command Menu in two steps:  7.1. Switch to high command (default: Ctrl + Space). If it doesn't work, open and close the AIO menu once 7.2. Now open AIO Menu" I noticed that I cannot open high command (map) even when doing this.... Do you still play Arma 3 (sp) yourself, or just mod it now?
  21. I wish I could use with voice command, this is so much better than vanillas command system.... Will none of it work with something like articulate, or just some of it? C2 works with articulate (or so I've heard)... I imagine I could use it for the basic commands that are also in vanilla, especially with a program like Glovepie right? (manually assigning it myself) A few more questions; I haven't quite figured out how the medic system works. The drag is automatic? I've been injured and my teamates with med equipment often don't heal me. How can they drag and carry injured teamates? Do I have to command it always? If so, how? And this is perfectly compatible with C2 correct, only you mention not using both commands at same time...don't they both go off of the same Team/squad command menus? Is there any way to keep the Y (key) menu from going directly to zeus after enabling the zeus option. (I've tried hitting it again and it still takes me to the zeus overview when I press Y) The only way around this is pressing Y twice very quickly... Thanks for all the wonderful work mate.
  22. Will this work with voice command as well? Things like articulate for example? Also, on the steam page it says "This mod is part of my All-in-one Single-Player Project[forums.bohemia.net] released as a separate addon. For more information on this project, visit the highlighted link." Does this mean that if I download it from one of the manual links there will be more than what the steam page has?
  23. Is this compatible with TPW mods, enhanced movement and incon effects? Also, this should work with most SP scenarios and SP campaign correct?
  24. Awesome, I'll likely give the C2 mod a go then. (have you tried it with the some kind of audio command?) The All-In-OneSingle-Player-Project I looked into, but does that include enhanced movement, c2 and TPW mods? or should I use those in tandem with it, if so would that be okay? Also, I find it doubtful that this one would be compatible with TPW...right? EDIT: I've also found that TPW causes the AI to sort of bug out quite frequently. When briefing they go through all kind of positions and in combat they'll keep saying taking command over and over again when not dying because campaign doesn't allow that AI to do. Also noticed wierd AI behavior in some SP scenarios I used it with. Not certain what the cause of this is? And finally how about the compatibility between TPW and Ace3?
  25. Is there any way to disable the screen/weapon shake (looks more like a glitch) after becoming fatigued. I already tried: tpw_bleedout_heartbeat = 0; // Player heartbeat visible as slight screen shake (0 = no heartbeat shake). That didn't seem to change it in game at all. It happens once I am fatigued and looks really quite un-realistic as it's this weird twitch of sorts. On that note, how do I edit the fatigue effects in general? I don't see them in the TPW_MODS.hpp file... Also, should this work with enhanced movement and C2 commands? As well as other SP scenarios? I can't seem to get it to work with enhanced movement (or enhanced movement rework) regardless of load order. Is there something I need to disable in TPW? Is this mod meant to be played in SP? (That's mainly what I do). The single player campaign? Other scenarios? Things like this: [SP/MP] DUWS: Overhauled v1.21