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  1. point4me

    Ive built my house, Now what??

    I find myself now just hunting the guys that are 40+ on the battle pass and now they are just using hand guns.. I think a map with just knives and hand guns would be awesome! I now let guys with the generic green jackets run by. You can tell who are the newbies because they run down the road, run into buildings not even checking or run to the cargo. I hope season 3 will be better! Lets make it more realistic!!
  2. When I first started playing this game, I was excited starting missions to find stuff to build things back home. Now that im done with everything, its kinda boring. Im now one of those guys that wait for others, hide in areas I know looters will be coming, only going for others guns so that I dont have to build them. Ive gotten more hate messages then President Trump!!! Its all part of the game and I can care less about the messages. I get it, but what else im I suppose to do? Its a survival game, but when you dont need resources to build anything, then what?? Why not have us build a second house? or a boat for fishing? If it was the end of the world, I would be looking for food resources other then Rats and plants. It would be nice to build a 2nd settlement. Maybe that 2nd settlement has all new maps and we can bounce between settlements? Also, deconstruction should allow other resources you get, not just materials.