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  1. Hi GOM and others! How do I blacklist certain ammo types? Cluster bombs are a lagging nightmare for a MP server of 40+ and I need to resolve this problem. Thanks!
  2. GamerDad


    Been a while since we've heard from you @Jezuro, any chance at seeing Warlords Reformed obtain more updates? There is a list of minor stuff that needs fixing but the big one overall is that vehicles/aircraft do NOT rearm after the 5 min timer. I tried using an ammo truck and crate and it fails every time. Perhaps something below needs tweaking? if ((_asset getVariable "BIS_WL_nextRearm") <= WL_SYNCED_TIME) then { _curWeapon = currentWeapon _asset; { private _turret = _x; private _mags = (_asset getVariable "BIS_WL_defaultMagazines") # _forEachIndex; { _asset removeMagazineTurret [_x, _turret]; _asset addMagazineTurret [_x, _turret]; } forEach _mags; } forEach allTurrets _asset; _asset selectWeapon _curWeapon; _asset setVariable ["BIS_WL_nextRearm", WL_SYNCED_TIME + WL_MAINTENANCE_COOLDOWN_REARM]; playSound3D ["A3\Sounds_F\sfx\UI\vehicles\Vehicle_Rearm.wss", _asset, FALSE, getPosASL _asset, 2, 1, 75]; [toUpper localize "STR_A3_WL_popup_asset_rearmed"] spawn BIS_fnc_WL2_smoothText; } else { playSound "AddItemFailed"; };
  3. GamerDad


    Or you could have a server that rotates maps and provides a different combined warfare experience on each one. On my dedi altis is normal warlords, stratis is more of a mechanized warfare with mostly light vehicles, transport helis and infantry fighting; and Malden is normal warlords but without fixed wing aircraft (helis spawn at the base due to the airfield being north).
  4. GamerDad

    Warlords gamemode balancing is garbage

    I just wanted to chime in and say that for a few months I've been hosting Warlords on my dedi server for the very reasons you all post here. The goal is to copy what OFFICIAL servers do right and tweak everything they don't do right (I would love for people to hop onto my discord and give input like what I read here). I've put a lot of work into making changes and quite frankly I'm hopefully the community notices. Just today, I've finally put in stratis into rotation. Only light vehicles/apcs/helis to encourage more mechanized inf warfare.
  5. First post, hello! I made a thing and wanted to share! How to play Warlords in Arma 3. https://youtu.be/A-I4QQELVNk I hope it helps new players learn the game! Servers have had so many new players, it's frustrating explaining the same thing so many times! :)