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  1. koba -toronto-

    Dual Monitors

    Hi There Is it possible to use two monitors for the purpose of having second screen dedicated for a map/gps or heli/plane cockpit tools in there? There is Athena mod but thats a mod and majority of servers doesnt support it. Cheers,
  2. koba -toronto-

    ARMA 3 CTI mode

    Thanks! that help
  3. koba -toronto-

    ARMA 3 CTI mode

    Hi I am relatively new to ARMA3 however had some fun time with OFP and ARMA1 CTI, so i am bored with other types of the game like KOTH, COOP. wondering if CTI mode exist with full blown base building like back in OFP MFCTI What are the most popular CTI communities with scheduled matches and good population of players? would much appreciate some links to start exploring this. THANKS!