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    [Help] HoldAction to Classname

    I'm sorry guys I'm a new user and I don't know how to create a new topic but I have an issue as well. I am using EDEN EDITOR in Arma 3. So I want to create a quick task that consists of : Placing 5 APERSBoundingMines in an area, when the 5 APERSBoundingMines are placed, the task is complete. However my issue is here. How do I write the condition ? I tried the nearestobject command approach and this is what I came up with in the condition box of the trigger: nearestobjects[[7183.682,1762.893,0],["APERSBoundingMine"],10]; The expression should scan all nearest APERSBoundingMine within 10 meters located in the position of the trigger x7183.682 y1762.893 z0 and output a value TRUE when the condition is met. But the script doesn't work. I want as well to put a condition that says that the APERSBoundingMine have to be >4 to be able to complete the task.