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  1. In case anyone else is trying to do the same thing I'm doing, this is what ended up working for me. I had to put the whole thing in a for loop because for some reason it wouldn't grab everything with just one pass.
  2. First off I just want to say this is amazing and super useful Tinter, excellent work! I do have some questions though: 1) Do you have any more composition sets for Tanoa? Lots of buildings with interiors don't have any furniture compositions. 2) How exactly do you get the furniture to spawn for a house in Eden? I tried running the command from the github wiki, but it seems like it isn't grabbing the furniture for the correct building as the same stuff spawns no matter which building, and its always like floating or half in walls or something. I'm sure im doing something incorrectly, probably need to specify the building before spawning the furniture in...? EDIT: Ignore this question, i figured it out. You explained it on your github page I just missed it on my first skim through reading it 😛 3) What is your stance on your script being used in script/modpack and/or slightly modified? My long term goal is to make a... fairly ambitious project, and I would love to be able to use your script! I don't want to use it if you aren't ok with that, and I want to give proper attribution in the readme file or wherever else is necessary if you are ok with your script being part of a larger project. Oh also the modifications I'm talking about would be minor things like tweaking spawn distances and making my own custom compositions. I may also use your script and a couple other scripts I've found as a base for making a dynamic spawner/despawner for various assets. When I finish up with my own Tanoa compositions I will... I guess like upload them to pastebin and then post a link here to share?
  3. Thanks for the help RCA3! I was overloading nearestObjects with too many arguments, apparently. I had two false on the end after the distance, got rid of both of those and it works... but... It grabs literally every object if you leave the category array empty. Is there a way to grab only benches and things like that, without grabbing things that nearestTerrainObjects grabs? I've already sorted through all the buildings, calling every object again is redundant, and I think there are so many trees that its overloading something, as attempting to make an array of object and making a map marker for them is taking over an hour for my computer to do. I thought that nearestObjects [player, ["EMPTY"], 100]; is supposed to work... but it just grabs nothing.
  4. Hello! I am a total noob to Arma 3 scripting, but have experience programming in javascript, python, lua, etc as both a hobbyist and a professional. I'm attempting to make my own game mode where one of the features will be ambient civillian AI will populate Tanoa to add a sense of life to the game. I want to be able to have the civillian AI interact with as many objects as possible, but for starters, it would be nice if I could get them to sit in benches and chairs. So, two real questions: 1) Is it possible via sqf scripting to tell an AI civillian to sit in a chair or bench? 2) What function would I use to say, make an array of all nearby sittable chairs and benches? I have tried nearObjects and nearestObjects and allSimpleObjects, but none of them return anything like benches or chairs. I am either unaware of how to use the syntax properly ("EMPTY" doesn't work "empty" doesn't work) or there is maybe another function I haven't found yet? I was succesful in using nearestTerrainObjects to return all buildings and some other objects and classify them for the purpose of spawning appropriately clothed civillians according to building type, but I cannot figure out how to reference... would you call them props?... such as benches and chairs. Any help would be appreciated. If someone has already made a script that does something like this, I could probably reverse engineer it / use the same method they did.