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  1. 20 hours ago, Dig4tal said:

    What's the point of bringing gewerh and hbar if a white gun is more effective. 


    5 second craft vz58 VS 1.5 hour craft purple gun or even 6 hour craft adr.. 


    It makes almost no difference. 


    Why are those guns purple or epic  all guns should be same color no gun should take 1.5 hour to craft or longer.. 


    Akm is probably the best gun in the game right now and 1min craft it makes zero sense a purple or epic gun should be the best 

    Not a single special issue crafting plan yet my armoury is stacked ! Keep bringing me those 6 hour guns that I can take within 5 seconds .  Now you mention it , I'm owed more ADRs and SVDs so I'll be collecting payment tonight 😄 #potato aim 

  2. I haven't got one single special issue crafting plan but my armoury is stacked with SVDs, ARDs , AUR HBARs and more . Keep bringing me the loot noobs , no need to wait 6 hours to craft a gun when you suckers bring them to me in a matter of minutes with your potato aim 😄 hahaha nice one guys 

  3. 20 hours ago, Psycho Flare said:

    I’m so sick how a white akm and vz.58 can keep up with purple weapons such as aug hbar or Gewehr 3 sg1 akm and VZ needs to get nerfed 

    Your just trash . I never lose a fight using rare to special issue guns Vs common guns.  Iv also wiped severs with a shotgun and a Thompson . Doesn't matter wat gun you use when you go for headshots , one shot kill every time . 


    I use mostly AUR HBAR  and I rarely lose a 1v1 fight against common guns unless they get a lucky headshot . You just want common guns nerfed to the ground so you have a easier time killing new players . The guns are balanced , you've trash 

  4. Common guns aren't better then special issue guns , this is coming from someone with good aim . If your struggling with special issue guns against common guns then sorry to say but you must be trash because I notice a massive difference when using guns like the ADR , they have no chance against me . I use the AUR hbar alot as iv got loads of them and I rarely lose a 1v1 fight against common guns . 


    2 hours ago, Matthew Aiken said:

    First off the adr is a special issue weapon it’s supposed to be good. Second this issue of instant deaths is not restricted to just the best guns in the game it’s an issue across all rarity’s of guns. Amount of times I’ve been insta killed by an akm or a Thompson is ludicrous. If anything the adr is a weaker choice already now commons were boosted in the last patch. The problem isn’t the adr but headshot magnetism in general. 

    Yh in noticed alot more now I'm getting headshotted easy . One instance where I was shooting a guy in the back with the Thompson and every shot was landing but he spun around shot and instakilled me with a headshot with a Thompson also .


    Iv started to notice it's not just the ADR but I would say it's by far the worst. 


    You mentioned headshot magnetism . What do you mean by this ? Is it the instants of the cross hairs snapping onto the head due to aim assist or is it that if you aim near the head and shoot your bullets will find there way to head head like a gravitational pull ?

  6. Right I know people love this gun and I apologize but I don't no if it needs nerf or fixing slightly . 


    The reason I say it needs nerf is most of the time when me and my buddy get killed by a p90 it's almost instant . Sometimes I don't get damage registrations , I just go down before I even new I was shot . I no this could be down to a number of things.


    1. Lag or delay of the sever . 

    Could it be that the gun has that much rate of fire that the guy shooting you had already landed a couple shots before it registers on your end ? But then I ask myself other guns have almost the same rate of fire and they don't seem as bad , well they aren't bad at all .


    2. To over powered ? 

    Could it be that the gun is to over powered ? I no it's ment to be good because it's the last auto gun to get but I think it is abit to good . I'm not saying nerf it down to the ground maybe a slight power decrease just so you have a chance to return fire like most guns.  I mean the accuracy is amazing so maybe balance the power alittle bit . 



  7. Nice bro . As for waiting times I wait no longer then a minute . Me and my friend only recently started playing as we have got bored of the games that are out ( call of duty , breakpoint/brokepoint) and we was surprised at how quick we got into games . 


    For a free game I think they did an amazing job . Gave me more entertainment then any triple A game that's been released recently . It's refreshing , not just your average battle royale that has no meaning to winning other then coming 1st .  Just imagine if they put more time into it and more money , I think it has the potential to be a great game . Just needs more advertising to get the game out there and the number one thing to keep the game alive LISTEN TO THE PLAYERS ! 

  8. 24 minutes ago, eKLaB said:

    1. I think leave the ADR as is, I'll admit I like to run with it the most but because seeing as they have 1 server based out of Sydney for Oceana players I need every advantage I can get. 

    I still get dropped from a variety of weapons, I find the ADR has that recoil advantage but mostly I'm coming out on top of other players because I have the drop on them with it.

    2. The loot in the safe I don't have an issue with, the loot in the airdrops and subsequent crates is another story.

    If I'm getting a military grade crate, I want military grade weapons or weapon parts and significant amounts of loot for getting said crate.

    I got Thompson ammo out of a military grade crate, the f&$k do I want with Thompson ammo, I should be getting that in a common crate.

    3. Everybody would benefit from a slight reduction in the boosts, not only would games be more tense but people would stick around more, more often than not loot is boosted and crates not and everybody's run off with good loot leaving a stale common crate to clean up.

    4. This is a pet peeve of mine also. Just let us craft 1 or 10 or 100 consumables at a time. Sure it'll take longer but sitting there doing one at a time... All the while hoping you don't get a disconnect from the cloud because you did it too fast...

    Of all the things to implement into the game I would think this would be relatively easy to do.

    5. You're just looting the wrong houses, particular houses offer up more loot than others on certain maps, I don't even bother with barns unless the loot has been boosted 200%.

    You will always find a handy amount of nails,metal and wire in garages even without boosts and Battery Draug is my go to map if I'm just looking for loot but that's becoming more and more of a grind as I near needing only to finish 3 more final levels and 3 levels for my chemical distillation.

    One thing I think could be introduced into the shelter is a  bench that creates nails.

    You have the metal but not the means to create nails???

    Currently needing 16000 nails to finish 2 improvements to LVL 13.

    You get sweet FA nails in game so it's a tedious grind for them.



    Thanks bro glad you agreed with most things . There where loads more but it would be to long 

  9. Just a bit of feed back on my experience .


    1. Nerf the p90 or ADR I think it's called .

    This gun is way over powered in my opinion, any 1v1 fights with this gun and your going to lose unless you have the same gun then it's 50/50


    2. The loot . My opinion again , some might disagree but I think loot from the barred house and air drops are kind of bad . If nobody boosts the loot which majority of the time they don't then it's kind of pointless going for these two things , the risk out ways the reward by loads . I find the best way to get loot is just by killing players . Maybe put 2 common crates as solo and 4 common creates in team matches at least it's worth getting then .


    3. Loot boosting . I think this should be lowered to like 10 crowns instead of 30.  It takes a while to accumulate crowns and this is the reason why majority of players don't boost , even if you do boost its not saying your going to come out alive and wasting 30 crowns each time is alot . I understand it's a free game and you got to make money but would be nice to see a decrease in loot boosters . Like I said in number 2 kinda pointless going for objectives other then killing players . 


    4. Crafting consumables. Please add the option to craft more then one at a time . It's annoying to keep having to do one at a time . 


    5. More basic loot from houses . " Go to interest spots on the map to get the best loot" hmmm not really . Iv been in so meny houses that have absolutely nothing inside them and it's frustrating , again just might as well kill players.


    I think that's it and all these are just my opinion , feel free to disagree and tell me why in the comments . Thanks