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    Season 2: Hunters

    It needs to be a one shot in the upper body not just the head. An arrow in the lungs or heart would kill you. It just needs to be more competitive rather than a novelty weapon. A crossbow can’t beat shotguns, machine guns, pistols, Assault rifles, and sub machine guns at close range or sniper rifles at long range. The reload is what makes it useless as a two shot kill weapon and a faster reload would fix it. It’s only use is at medium to close range shooting from cover or running a second weapon to finish off targets. In reality an arrow does more damage than a bullet.
  2. Sgt Michael J

    Season 2: Hunters

    I have never been more disappointed than I am about the crossbow in this game. I have enjoyed Vigor since day one and was extremely excited about the crossbow until I realized how useless it was. It can take out the practice dummies in one shot but never kills an outlander with a single shot unless shot in the head. With its long reload you never get a 2nd shot on a player before they kill you with any other weapon or retreat to heal. The crossbow needs to kill in a single shot at close to medium range with a upper body shot exactly like it does in the shooting range. It would not be overpowered as a single shot killer cause it requires patience and skill to land shots on players. Please fix the crossbow so it doesn’t become just a gun scrapped for materials.