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  1. AI start with 0 skill or at least are set to 0 skill briefly after spawning then i have to increase is again, anyway to change this? I want to increase the default spawn skill.
  2. @anfoone more thing, in zeus the AI skill is set to 0, any way i can change the default skill to my liking without having to manual change? Thanks!
  3. @anfoThere is 1 debug script that has a default true // ------------------------------------------------------------ // T.C.L. Map Marker Debug Type: ( Units / Groups ) // ------------------------------------------------------------ // Choose ( True ) to enable Map Marker Debug for A.I. unit(s). // Choose ( False) to enable Map Marker Debug for A.I. group(s). // Note: Requires T.C.L. Map Marker Debug: ( Objects ) // True / False, default is True // TCL_Debug set [3, False];
  4. @anfoAfter wasting 5 minutes because i got lucky on the file editing, i can conclude that the Map Marker Debug setting is to blame so anybody who sees this make sure to disable map marker debug, thank you.
  5. @anfoI hate GLX, it's not as advanced as TCL, until it is i won't be using it just yet i'll try to the best of my ability to fix this bug but there is one thing i should try, and that is to reset TCL to its default and find out the setting(s) that are causing the waypoint bug, at least this way i don't edit any of the other settings in a way which makes TCL bug out. Do you know which setting is causing the waypoint bug? I'm talking about the one where AI forcefully remove their own objectives.
  6. @anfoIm experiencing new bugs such as the AI not moving towards their objective sometimes and going somewhere else
  7. @anfo nevermind im not getting the bug anymore!! I followed your instructions but do you know what specific setting caused this bug?
  8. @anfoI use single player vanilla zeus have you tested it out there?
  9. The mod was probably broken to start off with, AI behaviour mods usually take years to deteriorate since arma doesn't change AI behaviour that much and the stuff you see in campaigns is scripted sometimes.
  10. TCL bug; AI will remove the waypoints given by zeus randomly especially if they get engaged in combat Test conditions; Vanilla Arma 3
  11. as soon as AI get into combat not long after they go to their original spawn position and remove their own move objective without completing it.
  12. I'm getting multiple errors on the take cover function.