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  1. Never Impressed

    First Battlepass

    They made the BP easier. Is that not a way of correcting there issue? I understand you paid for it and others got it for free but I also paid for it and have no complaints.
  2. Never Impressed

    First Battlepass

    The new BP is much easier and more rewarding. The creators are most definitely listening to what we have to say and our suggestions. There’s no reason to demand anything from them when they consistently give out free in game currency through challenges and crates.
  3. Never Impressed

    Survival stats

    I feel it would be better for just yourself and maybe friends as well to be able to view your stats. I can definitely understand how other players seeing stats could intimidate a lobby of new players.
  4. Never Impressed

    Survival stats

    First off thank you for listening to your community. I honestly believe this game would get a lot more attention with some simple stats such as kills, successful encounters, safes accessed, etc.