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  1. Hey, @anfo No worries, eggs are a good source for protein 😉 I tried it both ways, UserConfig inside the TCL folder and outside of it in Arma 3 server's root folder. I never had it in both places at the same time. I will try this mod tonight with the init.sqf and report back.
  2. I'm familiar with 0, 1 and 2 that are selectable under "Misc". My question was, what's the difference between those and the File Patching option under "Performance+Settings" in Flax's tool.
  3. @anfo Yes, correct.
  4. Hey, @Flax! Could you clarify what's the difference between the "Allow File Patching: 0,1,2" under Settings - Misc. and the File Patching option under "Performance+Settings" ?
  5. Great looking mod, @snkman! However, I'm having some troubles with modifying the A.I settings. I don't want A.I to be able to use flares at any point, so I changed the value to False and Chance to 0% under TCL_Feature.sqf and removed the // in front of the lines. Then I moved the TCL and UserConfig folders into Arma 3 Server root folder, enabled file patching and loaded the mod as server only. The A.I still makes the battlefield look like rave party.. =D Am I missing something?