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  1. I have a problem, my map is currently working, but I used the new lights that Livonia has (object) and I realiced that I had to buy the DLC in order to use them (I thought it was like tanoa objects, which you can use without the need to buy them). Then I deleted the files that I could´t use, but the error is still showing, and I dont know if it´s a bug... Can anyone help me? Thanks
  2. Avila

    DLC Content use

    Found a way to play it.... I dont know if its a bug that they didnt solved out... Here's what I found FIX
  3. Avila

    DLC Content use

    I used Mikeros Tools, and to set up the P drive the same link that you send me The only thing I dont use is pboproject, I will try with that tool and see
  4. Avila

    DLC Content use

    It´s easy, I´m not going to start again the proyect... The issue is that I cant play it and other do... And since I added those objects It doesnt work, I will keep looking for a solution But thanks for the help
  5. Avila

    DLC Content use

    Ok, thanks for the help. If anyone knows how to fix this problem, just tell me.
  6. Avila

    DLC Content use

    I didn´t explain my self... I have the map I have the almost completed the map, the problem is that since I put those objects, I cant play it on multiplayer because I dont own de DLC, but other people that does have it they are able to play it. My question is not how to make a map, I know that, I want to know if it is necessary to have the Contact DLC to put those lights, or it is like Tanoa addons, which can be used freely.
  7. Avila

    DLC Content use

    @RoF I´m using these two objects: lampstreet_02_f, and lampstreet_02_double_f Photos of the objects The error that shows it´s this: Error I can open the editor and also play but without multiplayer mode: Editor And I´m packing with PBO Manager Thanks