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  1. Qubest

    Need more things in the Shelter

    By no means does it mean that. Your negativity is unmatched bud. Relentless on nearly every topic here.
  2. Qubest

    Shootout - Not getting Food

    Checked this morning hoping the food would've shown up but still nothing yet. Without the food reward there isnt much point to playing it. I really hope this gets fixed ASAP. Would also appreciate getting the food I've earned.
  3. I think there needs to be more improvements in the shelter or at least ways to involve it more. I feel like this was the main focus in the early game and it fades away the more you progress. I was disappointed that season 3 didnt add anything to the shelter. Maybe something could be done seasonally were you earn specific crafting materials for your shelter you can only build for that season. This would keep it fresh and prevent folks who have tons of materials stockpiled from being able to auto upgrade everything. I also like the idea of having to defend your shelter from raiders or being able to attack other folk's shelters. Not sure how the mechanics would work out but in the setting we are in I feel it would be appropriate to have to defend your home once in a while. Think of collecting your resources at home just chilling then you hear your fishing line and tin can perimeter warning go off. Suddenly the music changes.... Its go time. Seasonal/limited time vendors who visit would be cool. Maybe new locations to build your shelter at. There is that rig out on the water as well. What's going on with that? Btw contact bombs should do more damage. Thanks for reading folks.
  4. Qubest

    What's up with Gewehr SG1?

    I've noticed the spread on the G3 is worse than the G3 SG1 but I feel the damage is the same. G3 is go to and I take the SG1 if I'm feeling frisky.
  5. I've played 6 games of shootout now and I am not recieving any of my food rewards at the end of games. After each game it says I get 400 food but when I get back to my shelter, the food isn't there. Anyone else noticing this or am I the lucky one?
  6. @ArachnidOverlord I honestly feel that the issues you are mentioning with personal signal detectors/insurance/spamming things is only related to a very very small percentage of the player base. I'm by no means a Vigor expert but I have been playing quite a bit since December and never seen it. Out of the 30 or so games I played over this weekend, not once. Over the hundreds of games since the new season, not once. Again I am not saying what you are worried about isn't happening, I just think the amount of folks who do what you are describing are few and far between. The amount of in game resources and real money needed to execute what you are talking about is immense, and honestly if they want to do it, go for it. Their excessiveness is funding me playing a game i didn't pay for. Hope they have fun. Being concerned about this becoming "meta" is exaggerated. I hope you don't play tabletop 40k for the sake of your gaming community. @Oldninja- Cheers! Slower radiation better challenge rewards are my main request. I don't mind the gear and cosmetics. @Bossshawk - You know what would help you from getting camped at signal detectors and the barred house? Personal signal detectors ; ) I agree though, it can be frustrating.
  7. Are people actually been having an issue with personal signal detector spam? I understand the possibility of it but not once I have seen it or felt to be a victim of this. It is a bit premature to be up in arms about an issue that hasn't even been released yet with the iodine. Honestly it seems like a cool mechanic to me and no way do I feel it is game breaking. Certainly if there is a standoff for the care pack, the guy with iodine has the advantage but shouldn't you if you spend the resources to bring it? That's the point of bringing consumables. By no means to I feel the devs are flawless and some of the updates are hit and miss. I mean, why cant they find a nice middle ground for what we get from challenges and crates? I even had one challenge change from granting 160 gold for doing 3 boosts, to a granting a purple crate after I had already bought a boost. i would have never done that for a purple crate and would've immediately removed the challenge had it been that way from the beginning. It swings from worthless to amazing from update to update. Just give us the middle ground. The number one thing I saw complained about was teaming in solos. And guess what.. when the devs actually fixed the issue by removing map selection, people starting complaining about that! I mean how else do you recommend solving the issue? If you stand next to someone for too long without shooting you both die? I mean come on folks. Maybe I am callous because I rarely used map selection and cued random anyway. I'm at 141 shelter improvements and just started playing with a buddy who is fresh. one thing he said after playing a bit is "I am surprised i am not getting rocked by people who have been playing it forever." People complain about "Oh, think about the new players!". The way the game plays, for as many improvements and fancy guns and fancy consumables you can bring, one head shot and you're dead. That is the great equalizer of this game. Also the point of the game isn't purely killing! Its about surviving. Run, hide, or fight. There are a number of ways to go about this game if you feel outmatched.
  8. Qubest

    Duo's Loot Sharing

    I would love some way to share the loot gathered. I feel like they restricted this so you couldn't bring an ADR for your friend but if i accidently pick up something that I meant to leave for my buddy (like a crate!) I should have a way to give it to him.
  9. Qubest

    Quick Looting!!

    I see what you mean but I kinda like how you have to expose yourself to get max efficiency looting as you would be taking your time to sort through to get just the right things. Otherwise people could kill, loot, and run without minimal exposure if there was still a fight going on in the vicinity. I'm thinking of big fights that happen around the barred house.
  10. Qubest

    Hardcore Mode

    I like it. If they did something like this I would also like to see realism with the magazines, like how Rainbow 6 used to back in the day (if you reload a half full clip you just store that clip for later, not magically put 17 more bullets in the mag).
  11. Qubest

    Food chalenge really ?

    I feel they increased it so much to compensate for how much folks were saving up as 15K was obviously too low. I suspect next time it will be around 50k. I support the top reward only being available to folks who have near maxed out shelters. I think they just haven't gotten the number right yet.