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    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    I'm going to fully admit that I made this account after browsing these forums since Arma 2 just to reply to this since this means that much to me. So to start out it greatly saddens and angers me and many others that you have come to this decision after the amount of time and effort you have put into this mod to be suddenly stopped due mainly to others. I check multiple times a week on this forum after work because I was so excited to see any new progress updates for one of my favorite mods. I did not expect today of all days to see that one of my favorite mods will potentially come to an end. I'm tired of seeing so many great mods just cease and I definitely don't want this to be one of them especially since I'm very passionate about the cold war with this being the leading mod when it comes to US gear and there is nothing on par with it. I don't intend to guilt trip you or anything of that matter because ultimately it is your mod in the end and you decide what to do with it but it really means a lot to many and Arma would be less without this mod continuing.